Condolences to the Mondesir family on the passing of Mr Michael Mondesir

Condolences to the Mondesir family on the passing of Mr Michael Mondesir

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The National Community Foundation (NCF) in conjunction with the St Mary’s College Class of 1992 expresses sincere condolences to the Mondesir family and the St Mary’s College alumni at large on the passing of Mr. Michael Mondesir.

Mr Michael Mondesir was the principal of St Mary’s College (SMC) from 1980 through 1998. During his tenure, Mr Mondesir served as patriarch, educator, role model, disciplinarian and mentor to hundreds of young men who matriculated though SMC. In honor of the positive and indelible influence of Mr Mondesir, the St Mary’s College Class of 1992 collaborated with the NCF in 2016, to establish the Samarian Scholarship Fund (SSF) and named its first scholarship the Michael Mondesir Scholarship. To date, 7 current SMC students have received scholarships of up to $1000.

Although saddened by the passing of the SMC legend, the members of the Samarian Scholarship Fund (SSF) have indicated that they intend to uphold the memory of Mr Mondesir by reaffirming its commitment to ensuring that qualifying students are not deprived of the full benefit of an education at the SMC as a result of limited financial resources. The SSF pledges to continue providing financial assistance through the Michael Mondesir Scholarship to SMC students with verified financial need, who demonstrate the necessary academic aptitude and are active volunteers in student or civic organizations.

The NCF and the founders of the SSF take this opportunity on behalf of ourselves and Alumni both locally and internationally to say to the Mondesir family that we identify with and share your grief however, the Alumni is grateful to you for having shared your patriarch in life and in death. Those who were fortunate enough to have attended SMC during his tenure are all better for it. Those who came after his tenure have and will continue to gain value from his service to SMC and St Lucia. The SMC alumni proudly expect that Mr Mondesir’s service in life will echo through eternity.


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