Condolences continue to pour in for Julian Agard

Condolences continue to pour in for Julian Agard

Condolences continue to pour in for the family and friends of Julian Agard who was electrocuted at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds on August 6, 2013.

In a press release, the St. Lucia Basketball Federation (SLBF), its affiliates and the basketball fraternity here expressed sadness at Agard’s untimely passing.

Agard had served as a basketball coach for many years.

The SLBF said the fallen sportsman “has been a true ambassador to the sport of basketball, both as a player and coach, and will truly be missed for his selflessness and invaluable support he has given to the sport both on and off the court”.

“As an affiliate of the basketball federation, he was an ever present figure at affiliate meetings and was recently appointed chairperson of the National Team Selection Committee. Agard was also a successful recipient at the recently concluded coaching clinic attaining a FIBA level 1 certification and had expressed his intent to continue working with the SLBF to improve the quality of the sport on island,” the release said.

According to the release, Agard coached the Canaries Moon River team into the finals of the 2012 league.  The association described him as a “jovial and full of life individual” who will be missed by all who knew him.

“The St. Lucia Basketball Federation would like to take this opportunity to send its deepest condolences to his family and friends through this tough time. Agard exemplified what living life is about,” the SLBF said.


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  1. " Can you handle truth" you are one sick attention seeking prick! Julian Argard should haunt your ass for the crap you are saying about him.


  2. Can handle the truth?- you don't sound like u r saying something about Agard personally but generally about SSU officers. What I can surely tell u is that I myself stated "here is one police officer persons would definitely feel sad about his passing"


  3. A SSU huh?
    Typical St.Lucian reporting and society! They will never speak about the abuses he committed to civilians etc as an SSU Officer.
    But here is the typical cliche quote they give to "Most" evil men/women at their deaths/passing : "He was the bestest man in the world, never did anyone wrong"

    Yet when true martyrs pass, ones who were for the liberation of humanity... society never utters a word nor a gesture of praise.

    Can you handle the TRUTH?
    Sadly, most of you cant and will say Im this and that for speaking the Truth!
    Just watch the incoming messages.


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