Compton-Antoine slams critics, says she is not a ‘spoiler’

Compton-Antoine slams critics, says she is not a ‘spoiler’
Jeannine Compton-Antoine (Photo: International Whaling Commission.)
Jeannine Compton-Antoine (Photo: International Whaling Commission.)
Jeannine Compton-Antoine
(Photo: International Whaling Commission.)

Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Micoud North, Jeannine Compton-Antoine, has lashed out at her critics, who have suggested that she will not be able to properly represent the people of that constituency, if she wins the seat this time as an independent, at the next general election.

Compton-Antoine reminded that every MP receives a financial sum from government to undertake works in their constituency. But regardless of that sum, the former MP told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that an MP always works with the business community and non-governmental organizations to develop other projects for their constituency.

“So it is the responsibility of the parliamentary representative, whether they are independent or a member of a party, to know what the needs of the people are, and to lobby for the people,” she asserted.

Compton-Antoine recalled when she served as MP for Micoud North between 2007 and 2011, she was able to get funding for the constituency that were not from the consolidated funds, and all of those monies were accounted for in Parliament.

“An independent can do things in their constituency, the same way a person in the Opposition can continue to work for their constituents. This is a myth being perpetuated by the political parties because they don’t want people to realise how an independent can do things in the absence of being affiliated with a party,” she asserted.

The former MP said her father, the late Prime Minister, Sir John Compton, ran as an independent during his early years in politics, explaining that the word ‘independent’ was not a bad word then, but in today’s politics it is being deemed as something that is not too good.

She told SNO, “It is a fact that I’m not an independent. I am running on behalf of the people of the constituency and so I have the backing of the people of the constituency. I am independent of a party, but I am an independent for the people.”

Asked if she thinks a victory for her as an independent in Micoud North will set the tone for other independents to get involved in elective politics, Compton-Antoine said she hopes it will.

“You can be affiliated with a party if you want, or if you decide you want to run as an independent. Once you have the support of your constituents and you have the constituents at heart, then you should not be put into a box and forced to run with a political party, because that is what you believe is the only way you could make a change. Everyone in Saint Lucia has a role to play in our development,” she added.

Split votes

Compton-Antoine also dismissed claims that her participation in the next election will split the votes for the Micoud North constituency, and could possibly lead to a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) victory, noting that this did not happen at the last election she contested.

“The people need to look at past election results when they give these kind of statements. I ran the last election and there was nothing about splitting any votes. The fact of the matter is representation, and changing the type of representation we have in the country, and how to improve governance.”

She continued:  “I am not there as a spoiler. I was invited by the people to run again for this election. It was a request by the people of the constituency. It’s not about trying to make any upset, it’s about doing what the people want. And the political parties should be listening to the people.”

Nevertheless, Compton-Antoine said she continues to meet with people from across the constituency to discuss their issues and to look at what has changed in the constituency in the last five years and what hasn’t, in order to put together a plan on how to improve things there.

The former MP will be holding a special meeting on Sunday (April 24) in Micoud at 2 p.m., where a ‘historic signing ceremony’ will take place. While she did not disclose details about the signing, she said it is something that has never happened in Saint Lucian politics.

The 2011 elections results for the Micoud North seat.
The 2011 elections results for the Micoud North seat.

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  1. They are so frightened by her they will say everything in their power to discredit her. But not this time. Why do you all think it is so wrong because she left uwp and go up on her own when the uwpees accept all rejecks from labour and put them as candidates and have even given some of them ministerial positions even before the elections has called. We are living in a democratic country so uwp and micoud north wake up and smell the coffee


  2. Jeannie is SLP - stop fooling your self. Did you see the big parade the SLP gave her sister the chef. You all think people stupid. Let her run. Gale is not the best but atleast she trying under that wicked Kenny dictator. Jeannie you said the UWP killed your father - but did they reallly.


    • Jeanine want leadership of a party no longer owned by her family. The party should have chosen her as leader or given her a token roll in the party or sent her to run against the two band head in Castries central. The there is nothing strategic about flambeau, through they should win this election easily. When you do take over Mr Chastanet, can you please take the restaurant at the vieux fort airport from emma and give it to someone who deserves it?


  3. If my memory serves me rite miss Antoine was u who said don't vote an independent candidate dry don't hav a voice in da house...don't forget u were on a platform for uwp in micoud Wat u get take


  4. Why is everyone so hasty to judge the lady? Why is she not allowed to make her own decisions? Why is she not allowed to take time off from politics and return thereafter of she feels that way? Why is she not allowed to run as an independent? Especially if she may feel frustrated with the other two parties failing in fulfilling their duties to the people.
    Why that hasty to condemn her when the proper questions are not asked in terms of the time taken off and her reasons for returning as an independent?
    Why should individuals be limited to only two choices when it comes to voting and thinking of how those choices may impact their future?
    This type of mentality takes us back to the stone age.


  5. Mrs. Antoine the results are in and the lie detector determines that you are a spoiler. Not just in this election but to the Compton name as well. Quit whilst you still have some respect.


  6. She says the people ask her to run. No shame. She was absent after the last election and reappear for this one. Where was she all that time.

    Part time politician looking for an opportunity. When UWP was in trouble her father at his old age came back to bring his party to victory in 2006. Hr fought the fight. He did not run against it. He did not turn his back on his party. That's the stuff great persons are made of.

    She prefers to make her name through the side door. A seat her father ran for and fought for she will run against


  7. Oddly enough, all the goodwill Mrs. Antoine achieved last elections is surely in doubt. The Labour party has realised that Gale Regobert's unpopularity may cost her the seat and they have deliberately chosen a weak candidate to run in that seat. Smart money is on the machinery encouraging their voters to give Mrs Antoine the nod. Adding the two sets of votes( labour party and Antoine's party) are enough to oust Ms. Regobert. Mrs. Antoine is right...she is no spoiler, shes definitely a player to be reckoned with and she has definitely chosen a side


  8. Off course the people asked u to run. Those labour supporters will obviously support u running knowing exactly what u are up to. U are just helping Kenny and his click to regain power, have another scandal, spend our tax paying money employing lawyers to defend their next scandal and help increase unemployment. SMH , woman but u sound selfish.


  9. Stop wasting your time Jeanine..what representation can u really provide as an independent and your followers will soon realize that you are fighting a losing battle..hopefully you will disappear from Micoud North permanently after you lose again!


  10. You are one of the most honest politician in St.Lucia. I support you fully. You are the first politician that accounted for every cent given to her while in parliament.All the best,


  11. mrs Antoine : you need to join the LPM Party - and appeal to the youth and the women - the future of this island .... appoint mayors for every and each community - so that the concerns and requests from the constituents are collected and taken to the various ministers (you guys will need some righteous people - females and youth alike) - those ministers will each have a ministry to handle for the development of the island's economy (lets start with decriminalizing the marijuana and exporting some good local herb for medicines & hemp factories and products will really boost the tourism industry - and nightlife (wink wink)

    think about it Mrs A..... by the way how can i get a contact for Mr. DeCaires - that cow and greedy joe story needs an editor.....


  12. There is nothing wrong with going up independent. Even Mcdonald Alexander is in the race but he is at least genuine in his objective. Why are you crying on the MP for the area and not the Government to improve the constituency. What difference will you make? While ministers were given money to help improve their communities instead you turned on the Government which gave you the opportunity to better their lives. BTW if it was illegal like you told the people you represented KDA would go there himself and not ask the DPP. So you went to bed with those who are now destroying the country and we should call that progress. While Gale is not our Mia Amor Mottley but she gets a B+ under these trying condition while you Miss Compton was aiding the party in power with silence. So we all know about the use of the Con-sol-it-dated funds and how much good governance it has given. So you waited till your friends got the country broke and indebt to represent Micoud. Micou indeed.


  13. Bring lots of Rum and fried chicken and you will find hundreds
    to sign in, Labour, UWP, and who soever will. After the party,
    they forget every that happen.


  14. Is it illegal to run for office unless you are in a party? Saint Lucians are so darn ignorant about civics. It is not the democratic right of AL LSaint Lucians AND even the newly PAID-UP ones, those who recently paid for their passports? So what the heck is wrong with an exMP? Deal with it idiots! Swallow hard. Deal wid that.


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