Compton-Antoine maintains she was sexually assaulted

By Samuel Sukhnandan, SNO Staff Journalist

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Jeanine Compton-Antoine

Jeanine Compton-Antoine

Almost one month after accusing Ezechiel Joseph, the new Minister of Agriculture, of sexual assault, former parliamentarian, Jeanine Compton-Antoine maintains that she was sexually assaulted and plans to continue speaking out.

Compton-Antoine said that while she has to seek legal advice to determine whether she can pursue the matter or not, she hopes that her story would help other women facing similar issues to understand that they are not alone.

“I do hope that my statement help other women facing domestic violence and sexual harassment to realize that they are not alone. And as a society we need to be a little more sensitive,” she told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview on Tuesday.

Compton-Antoine said Joseph allegedly sexually assaulted her while he was minister in the previous United Workers Party administration. “He tried to take off my shirt and kiss me, and you are telling me that I must stay with people like that?” she told a political rally.

The former Micoud North MP believes that society are quick to condone acts of violence, sexual harassment and domestic violence, and instead of supporting victims, they tap on the shoulders of the perpetrators.

While many people have been questioning why she decided to tell her story many years after the incident and a week before a major election, Compton-Antoine told SNO that her question to those same people would be, “Why not now?”

“There is no right or wrong time. It is when the victim is ready or capable of speaking out about it. When this happens to you, you feel dirty, degraded and you don’t know where to turn to. This incident shows that even society doesn’t provide support. Victims are left to deal with it alone.”

The daughter of former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Sir John Compton, said that her statement was genuine and she felt that it was necessary to make public.

“People need to understand that the statements I made was not political. I made it for people to understand that I was a victim of something. I was the one who was betrayed. I never betrayed the people. I always stood by the people of the constituency and the people of Saint Lucia. I resigned from the UWP but I did not resign from Parliament,” she explained.

Compton-Antoine said she was portrayed as the betrayer rather than the betrayed, and told SNO that it was disappointing to see the level of negativity and the comments that were made particularly by women in relation to her coming out to say that she was allegedly sexually assaulted.

She is advising women in similarcircumstances to, “Be strong and continue to fight.”

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  1. concerned foreign citizen

    I wish her luck if she is saying the truth but did she discussed it with her children first before going on her political platform. This will definitely embarrassed her children. She told her husband but which one e.g husband one nor husband two. As far as i have heard Mr Ezekiel is a gentleman but if he is guilty this does not give any man to interfere with you. This happens in every work place in St Lucia.

  2. Jeanine Atoine why now,you did not talk to nobody,see i did not use compton,let the great man rest piece.You as a parliamentarian had no body to say that to but now becouse the man win his seat you want to mess him upshame on you,please stay out of politics thank for father shame on you ."BY

  3. Well if thats so true y dont u press charges. Miss compton.

  4. Remember one of the tenets of our Criminal Justice System is it's better to let 100 guilty people go free than to send 1 innocent man to prison.

    Over the years, all over the Western World, there have been many cases where women have accused men of rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment and have admitted or have been found subsequently to be lying. However there have been many more cases when these accusations have been proven to be true and the men have been convicted. There are still many more cases where men have "settled" financially with their accusers.

    Rape is a more straight forward case than sexual assault or sexual harassment. if someone is accused of rape and denies the accusation then that person can either deny ever having sex with the person or argue that they did have sex but it was consensual.

    Sexual assault charges are much more extensive and complicated. An injudicious attempt at a kiss might very well be sexual assault depending on the circumstances whereas in other cases a failed attempt to kiss someone may not even reasonably be seen as assault at all, far less sexual assault.
    To judge sexual assault accusations you must have the all the facts of the case. The extenuating circumstances are very important.

    Throughout your life check how many times you thought that you may have been right to attempt to kiss someone whom you thought wanted to kiss you too and did not get the reaction that you expected.

    Be honest. Would it have been right under these circumstances for the other party to charge you with sexual assault ?

    If Ms Compton-Antoine thinks she has a just case she should not be "trying the case" in public. Don't forget most rape and sexual assault cases are not heard in the courts "publicly".

  5. J. is a force to be reckoned with. I envisage her to become the PM of the island some day. She is a realist. She would not make those accusations if there was nothing there. Let's begin an investigation.

  6. She never open her mouth and reach out to all the rape victims of late. Even the former PM said there is a serial rapist at large. The victims needed her then her sudden urge to help victims like her self should come out then. Instead she used a political platform. How is this not political? She attacked the man just before elections to label the UWP.
    Dont get me wrong I believe she was allegedly assaulted and he should face charges but the lady had ulterior motives. She didnt want to help anyone but allegedly discredit members of the UWP. That is the best way to justify why you left a job? Because of one man? Who did you go to for help? Oh yes your husband who allegedly swept it under the rug..

    • The fact that she pronounced the accusation on a political platform does not mean the incident did not occur. This is the substantive issue, And this is what needs to be addressed!

  7. keep your kulture!!

    so much parasite in this place man no wonder we cant advance!!

  8. Firstly i do kot condone such behaviour. But i have a huge issue with how it was announced. From great experience of reading and hearing of such cases, normally the victim would take it straight to the police or a victims program where it exist, certainly not a political platform. Before we all jump up and down pointing fingers let's bare in mind there are two sides to every story.

    Now i must remind the public that firstly the said victim informed us that it was through victimisation and bullying by Rufus Bousquet and Richard Frederick that she resigned. Around the timevof her resignation she attacked RF publicly on several ocassions. She could no longer deal with the treatment she was dealt at every tum she made, everyday especially ny yhe two. So there... which is the true reason for leaving???

  9. Her timing for bringing this out was wrong but if he did it, then he should pay the consequences. NO ONE SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW POLITICIANS OR NOT.

  10. Proceed with legal action....The bad publicity alone to this new Administration will require him to resign from the Cabinet until his matter is settled. If he wins, he will be reinstated, if he loses however the PM will need a New Minister for Agriculture.

    St Lucians saying you lie....the take him to Court. Simple.

    If you made this up, why out of all the Men in the UWP you would choose Ezechiel Joseph to lie on. Who was running Babonneau, a seat that you were NOT contesting. You could have used Allan Chastanet or Stephenson King if you wanted to make up a lie to hurt the UWP not Ezechiel choops

    • So why is it impossible for her to be lying or improper for us to question the truth of her statement? The same way there are many who commit these acts and escape there are also many who are innocent who get their reputation and life ruined by women who lie about these things. this is serious and by making it a political issue and continuing to play this out for publicity may not be working in the interest of those who have been victims of crimes of the sexual nature.
      in my opinion a official report should have been made to the police by now, almost 3 weeks after the revelation, and the veracity of those allegations be tested by the court. popping up every few weeks and remiinding people of what you allege without taking steps to deal with it legally

    • so wait... what's ur punishment for attempting to kiss someone? You've never gotten an attemptted kiss before?asking the ladies? Three senarios usually result from that. Either the man thought he was Johnny bravo and thought u really wanted him but u did not, you were givING mixed signals due to past and personal experience with him or his just a creep. Now I cannot say he is not a creep, anything thing is possible but when u look at the whole picture instead of only what has been presented for public consumption there is more to this story. These 2 ppl allegedly have a romantic past. So in my opinion she's playing the political chess game and exaggerating.

  11. Some of Ul are talking share there. Something like that must happenb to one to know what it feels like. It took me 25 years to speak about mine. Women this is not something that one can just come out immediately and speak about. Its true the timing was wrong when she said it but let's put ourselvres in her place. Let's stop judging and pray that it won't happen to our loved ones. Some are saying y didn't her husband take action. But had he beat up Ezechiel everybody would say he was wrong. Everyone deals with these situations in their own way. A lot of ppl are defending Ezechiel but let him speak for himself.

  12. Take him to court. Make an example out of him please do not let this end like this. Thank you in advance!!!

  13. I do not believe people took Jeannine seriously, because that statement was made before elections and that did not stop Ezechiel from winning Alvina handsomely

  14. Jeanine held that four four years even complaining she told her husband. Both of them did nothing.
    She goes on a political platform election week and whilst dAncing on stAge claIms she was sexually abused. As though it was a big joke.
    When they asked her if there was anything between them even then she replied no comment.

    I liked Sir John, father of the nation. But Jeanine you reflect insincerity and viciousness. Which women are you representing? Certainly not the poor little innocent genuinely sexuAl abused victim. You are giving the cause a bad name.
    I see absolutely no sincerity in your claIms.
    But you were dealt with at the polls.

    ThAt seals your fate in trying to sneak back into the UWP by unscrupulous means.

    • No you love the colour of yellow more than you loved her father. If Sir john had left the UWP just like his daughter, you shameless hacks would have thrown him under the bus the same way. What difference does it make whether you wait that long to tell her story. All of you enablers will defend the party no matter what is right. What we need her is to stay calm and let the facts speak for itself.

  15. If the woman thinks she was assaulted she has every right to speak out. As to whether the timing throws he allegation in doubt is not something we determine. We don't know how the incident affected her. She have been blaming herself before until she awoken up to the realisation that she did nothing wrong. I mean even if the sex is already in progress any of the parties has the right to change his/her mind if he/she so wishes. What I would hope Jeannine does is allow the matter to be contested in court. Otherwise let it rest.

    • I hope it is not a case of Jeanine saying a lie and knowing that if she says the truth now it will be detrimental to her reputation. Since I believe she is lying, I am more interested in knowing if Mr. E. Joseph will take action against her. As a Minister now, the nation is waiting for him to clear his name.

  16. I am almost certain that most of the negative comments are coming from women and the majority of whom belong to the UWP party. The truth is:

    1. A person (a woman in this case) has claimed that she has been violated by this person . . . you were not there. Therefore, she could be telling the truth,

    2. If it were you or your child who was violated, bad timing or not, you would have come out swinging.

    3. The person who has been accused should now feel that his character is being tarnished and as such he has recourse in the courts.

    4. This is the reason most sexually assaulted persons do not speak out. Because of the backlash like what is being spewed here. You people should be ashamed!

    5. I agree she should (instead of airing in the public domain) pursue litigation.

    I am male and I abhor any form of sexual assault!

    • Bringing it to a political platform is ridiculous and says nothing to assaulted victim. This is where we hear the most lies.

      • By your logic then, all the promises you heard during election time are lies. Such an oxymoron statement to make. What's wrong in bringing this up now, If she felt violated by this individual she has every right to call him out. Could be next day, 1yr, 10yrs it doesn't matter. Our culture is male dominated and these events tend to occur without any recourse to those victimized and violated individuals. Hence the reason that we have a high incident of women being sexually assaulted. For if they do speak up... they have individuals like you to contend with.

    • I agree with all your points, but not the comment generalizing negative commentaries as women mainly from UWP. Although I do not condone it, but it appeared as very suspect that Ms Compton chose that platform and on the eve of a general election. As a victim of more than one sexual assault incidents I do believe something happened to her, but to use this platform was wrong, and undermined the message/accusation. Jeanine could and should have handled this situation differently. She should have seek legal recourse before making this public. I'm no lawyer, but I think she has hurt her case. She has not helped abuse victims either in my opinion. She would have been a better champion given her political and public profile to take the matter to court and made an example of Ezekiel Joseph if found guilty, not creating this media circus by speaking out on a political platform. An abuse victim has a right to make themselves heard at any given time they choose. After almost 20 years, I have told just one person of my experiences. I chose to keep it private due to the uncaring attitudes of society with regards to sexual abuse.

    • People do lie. Woman, man, child and everything in between.

      Why do I have to automatically believe she is telling the truth? Is it because it's a female and the issue is so sensitive? Also, the manner in which she did it is quite questionable. Like a freaking drama piece our carnival queen contestants love to do (coming up soon), lacking believability and sincerity.

      I will await the outcome, if she or he takes legal action. Until then I am not crucifying Ezechiel or her.

  17. We are missing the point here. If she was attempting to use it for political gain and to discredit Ezekiel Joseph well she was in the wrong constituency. If then to say why she had distanced herself from the UWP I do understand it didn't work. It doesn't however take away from the issue. If it is true then something should be done because it is an example of what is happening in the wider society and no one should feel themselves above the law. We have let politics create a big divide in this country when in fact all we have is each other. We will soon learn that lesson......we must be our brother's keeper. TAKE YOUR POLITICAL SHADES OFF....LOOK TO JESUS. CHRIST AND LIVE. Stop sourcing humans for your strength you will be disappointed

  18. My people let’s not be too quick to judge. The lady can be right and also wrong, whatever the case might be live it to her. I hope and pray that she is aware that there is a God and she will be dealt with if it’s not true. On the other hand if it is the truth have the courage to talk about it and take it a step further. Now to those of you who are saying why now let me share something with you. About 15 years ago a young lady in her mid-20s came to me crying and told me that she was sexually assaulted, by someone in high regard. This person was very close to her family and they would not believe her if she told them because of her life style. She went on to say to me not to tell anyone about her story, but she gave me every detail. She is now out of the island. What if she now feels more comfortable to talk about it now will you ask WHY NOW????????

  19. This is just too absurd. You were sexually assaulted five years ago and you never went to the authorities to report the incidence. You must have loved that encounter Jeannine. Why Now?

    • You are running your mouth be cause it's not you or a family member. My niece went through this and took her more than five years to speak. You all need to stop judging people. Put yourself in her shoes.

  20. I do not condone sexual assaults against anyone, but how could it not be political when it was made public at a political rally? Beats me! Papa must be asking the same question....

  21. just take a POLYGRAPH test to start off with...then we will believe you

  22. To settle everything....PLEASE ASK JANINE TO TAKE A POLYGRAPH TEST.....Bottom line

  23. why is this supposed to be public knowledge? u were sexually assaulted and u feel that now is the best time for recourse. ok. consult ur lawyer bring it to court but the entire island does not need to know your business. if you're trying to reform the law or make it easier for women who are victims to speak out then fine but so far, due to lack of action in that direction, that does not seem to be your intent. plz find the most appropriate way to resolve the injustices perpetrated against u without making it pointlessly political.

  24. Jeannine, if I were you I would rather put all this mess in the Bin for the garbage
    pick up. Don't you think that prolonging this, it makes you feel cheap? let it go.
    The chances of you being hired for a good job after all this is slim as far as I'm concerned. I personally would not hire you; and would be scared to work with you.

  25. Lady, please take a sit. You are being petty and vindictive. Guess this is a way of staying in the spotlight.

  26. When you have been a victim of such crimes, like myself, i too felt shame, and for 20 years i said nothing to anyone. even now it hurts just like it did so many years ago. I finally had the courage to share my ordeal with my mom this year only to find out from her that she too was a victim of sexual violence and kept this secret for over 60 years and she admits to the shame and real pain it still causes her today.

    • very sad indeed that the 2 of you kept it secret for long. I understand the pain and hurt but unless you are strong and determined to talk and do something about it, it gives the perpetrator the dominion over you and your life as well as opportunity to continue in his violating ways.
      We need to be strong and not think of only our hurt and pain but others including our kids as i know of a situation where the same perp violated both mother & daughter because mom did not speak out nor got redress.

  27. Jeannine to me it does not make sense to continue to speak out with no action. If you were serious about being sexually assaulted, I thought by now you would have contacted a lawyer to try to take this matter to the court, If you know what you say is true why drag your feet, What I don't understand you made the accusation on your platform a week before elections, after waiting over four years, you still have not taken any action. Are you afraid other things might be brought to light? I believe, for you the grapes turned sour, good luck with this, continue to speak, let's see how far you will reach with that. I smell something

  28. women go and rest you see people not taking you on you come back again making more noise. is you that wanted the man and cause he didnt take you on you want to tarnish his reputation. you have no evidence of what you saying there you should have said that how many years ago

    • If it was your daughter it happened to I would like to hear you say the exact same thing! Stop defending the man. You were not there! CHOOPS

      • lol smdh i guess you were there and you also saw what happend thats why you defending the woman, and i am not defending no one i am just stating the obvious . how the hell can you go in someones office and the two of you there and you can come out and say something like this especially in a court of law and you have no evidence even if it happend for true where and in what way can you give concrete proof that what you are saying is what really happend. you think is just so you staying there and say a man touch you. and even if he did how are you going to show it plus you have no allaby to show that this was a continuous trend by him on many females. take bill cosby for instance i dont think i have to tell you that story


  30. This matter need to be taken seriously in St.Lucia there are lots of prepatrators who are at large including so - called pastors who have many victims suffering emitionally right in St. Lucia and others who was lucky enough to have travelled. Ms Compton Antoine I would like to get intouch with you. I need to free other young people from this so called pastor.

  31. Why do we always have to make everything political.We were not there.Let the woman speak is not for us to judge


  32. Jeannine may I ask you why it's only now you want to lobby on behalf of women in St.Lucia.
    You served four years as an MP and not for once did you speak out and now because you are trying to allegedly get at Ezechiel you pretend to rally on behalf of our women.
    The milk is sour so you are trying to allegedly mess up somebody's life. Remember the pit you dig you may very well be the one to fall headlong into it.

    • So true. I suppose she wants recognition for the next coming election so her voice will be out there. Why now ???????????????????? And all of certain it's for women's rights. Please . If it did happen, it's not right but you waited too long because you thought that would ruin his chance in the elections. Well it did not work so try something else.


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