Commonwealth Students Association upset SALCC hiked fees without student consultation

Commonwealth Students Association upset SALCC hiked fees without student consultation


PRESS RELEASE – The Commonwealth Students Association(CSA) wishes to communicate its regret and disappointment at the recent 48% increase in student tuition by the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC), coupled with the absence of student consultation and an unreasonably short period of time for payments to be made.

This tuition hike may force many students who lack financial aid to abandon their goal of a higher education.

We admire Sir Arthur Lewis Community College’s (SALCC) for being committed to excellence, and responsive to the needs of its students and to the challenges that face the St Lucian society. It is for this reason that the CSA is shocked by the recent developments and decisions made by the SALCC.

The CSA is cognizant that the cost of quality education is indeed high, as supported in an interview with the Minister of Education of St. Lucia, Dr. Robert Lewis.

However, a move as such by the SALCC without consultation with the necessary stakeholders seems highly presumptive.

The CSA is therefore pleading with the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) to give a little bit more unstinting generosity in their mode of operation as it regards to hike of tuition fees at the institution.

Applicants of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) in St. Lucia are forced to dig a little deeper in their pockets merely being informed less than two weeks ahead of the registration for the coming semester. This we see as grossly unfair as it puts students in a very precarious position.

The CSA is suggesting to the institution and the government of St. Lucia to forestall this increase at least for the first semester of the academic year, to provide students with financially viable options to source the funds and also to create meaningful payment plans for students to manage this added burden.

We also would like to encourage the Government of St. Lucia to offer meaningful guidance to students on the issue and assist the institution in any way possible in order to ease the burden on students who look towards furthering their education.

The CSA continues to laud the SALCC for being the vanguard of academic mobility in St. Lucia and wishes the institution even more success and growth in the near future.


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  1. There are always two sides to a story and it would be nice to hear what SALCC has to say on this matter.


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