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Common Entrance exam review and reassignment

By Ministry of Education

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(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations informs all parents of students who wrote the 2018 Common Entrance Examination of the following:

There will be a meeting on Thursday 5 July, 2018 at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School’s auditorium from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon for all parents who are desirous of requesting:

– reassignment
– review of scripts, (please note that review of scripts cost one hundred dollars $100.00).

Please make a special effort to be there on time.

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  1. Please ask the office of the registrar of Examinations for the 2018 Synopsis of the common entrance examinations. I look forward to reviewing it each year. Where can I find it? What's causing the delay?

  2. In the Caribbean for any money to be collected by Government, there must be a law. So under what authority of law is the $100.00 being charged in your country?

  3. Clearly this is an attempt to dissuade parents from asking for a review. I guess only those who can afford it should be entitled to a review. Is this another way of reinforcing the status quo? So what happens if the Ministry is found wanting? Do the reimburse the $100.00? Just asking!!!

  4. Ridiculous! $100.00? Is that in the law? What say of most of our parents who cannot afford that? They are to accept the results and move on much to the detriment of a child. Absurd. Errors are often made.

    • It cost US$100 to review a cxc grade. That's not high at all. First you have to search the script, get several persons to remark the scripts based on subject.... Example one marker for math, one for English and maybe even a manual marking of the general paper.... Alot of effort. $100 Xcd is not much.


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