Commentary: Protect(ion) and account(ability); virtually required for a new government in St Lucia

Commentary: Protect(ion) and account(ability); virtually required for a new government in St Lucia
Melanius Alphonse
Melanius Alphonse

The pace of illegality, corruption and pending proposed demolition of the national printery, the courthouse and the parliament building in the city centre, among other major crimes and misdemeanours, makes possible the combination of legal inquiry, judicial review and indictments of the Allen Chastanet administration at the dawn of a new government in Saint Lucia, earlier than expected.

The rationale for flying, lying and crying presents the opportunity for early elections between June and December 2019. How is this known?

Conversations have been held by Allen Chastanet with political consultants in Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Barbados, including consultations with conservative counterparts in the UK.

And to sum-up the warning signs, a comment under the news item, Saint Lucia airport corruption allegations attract US media attention, the clock is literally ticking.

“None of us are perfect but I humbly request that the government of St Lucia in the interest of good governance (transparency and accountability) continues to facilitate an in-depth investigation into the matter and Prime Minister Chastanet, and Guy Joseph step aside while the investigation proceeds. At a time when our citizens demand leadership of the highest moral and ethical order, we cannot settle for anything less than responsible and accountable leadership.” (Racketball in St Lucia)

Thus, what then are the relationships that thrive in the dark; albeit temporarily?

Several of my commentaries including, I can see your ‘teef’ in St Lucia and Barbados, that “Saint Lucia has had its fair share of white-collar crime, parading success and achievement that escape the purview of the Inland Revenue Department and a broken justice system,” came off a bit more direct for some lofty authority.

Similar, the news item Saint Lucia government shells out US$12 million for sports consultancy in no-bid contract and racketball in Saint Lucia, among others, embody a failed state.

The obvious is clear!

Elite corruption in the Chastanet administration and the secretive favour-granting mechanism for their own benefit, is enough reason to show the red card to this administration. And, based on what is already known and under investigation, including:

• Antonio Assenza, and his local company Asphalt & Mining (St Lucia) Company Limited (A&M) that are or were targets of an airport project corruption investigation initiated by the previous government, which according to US sources has also been taken up by a number of federal agencies, must remain on course.

Added to that is legislation pertaining to:

• The so-called Pearl of the Caribbean, Dolphin Park, St Jude hospital, Victoria hospital, Owen King European Union (OKEU) hospital, Health City Cayman Islands, dismantling Radio St Lucia, land acquisitions for “touristic development”, a new border control unit, Sir Arthur Lewis community college proposed privatization, Hewanorra Airport International redevelopment, (HIA) by the usual suspects, citizenship by investment, (CIP), OJO labs, new business entities that infringe on conflict of interest and monopoly services, hotel concessions and acquisitions during the term of this administration.

• Similarly, the execution of the marketing board, the fisheries corporation into a monopoly of private interest to supply the hospitality industry ought to be withdrawn; and

• The proposed demolition of the parliament building, the national printery and the courthouse for a Central Park, the likes of New York City, and the demolition of Her Majesty’s Prison, the latter which should be remodeled as a museum, form part of our historic existence as a nation state.

Therefore, the deliberate policy to demolish and/or execute all that is Saint Lucian is an atrocity to humanity, tantamount to treason that ought to be addressed with urgency, early-on in the next government of Saint Lucia.

While in Taiwan to honour the 107th National day, [over dinner] Prime Minister Chastanet said, “It’s always good to remember history.”
There cannot be blindfolds and deviations from law and order, policy and the impact on the economy and/or tweaking of regulations that give rise to plausible corruption.

Whatever the jeopardy, the political, loyalty and business ventures harbouring conflict of interest concerns, placing the country under siege and in legal jeopardy, go beyond the pale.

If ever independence and the rule of law mean something, it is incumbent on will-power and determination to make the status quo uncomfortable, revisit constitutional reform and make certain that illegal cause and effect carry consequences – as opposed to naive idealism and physio drummer.

Absent of that, the public is rightfully cynical with a heavy dose of skepticism of any current administration lacking a centre of decision and planning to making people lives better and getting things done for the betterment of country.

It is only when the laws of a nation state can account on the proper application to white- collar crime, petty crimes and begin dismantling the institutions of corruption and abuse that novel institutions and innovation can thrive on a level and square playing field.

Therefore, in preparation for a new government and governance in Saint Lucia, indifferent to cooperative con artists, suspicion and concealment, there is need for an economic council to begin emergency recovery for Saint Lucia, taking into consideration, social and economic infrastructure, foreign policy, health and education, infrastructure development, the justice system, security/intelligence framework.

Moreover, a new government of Saint Lucia must have a view to nationalize, preserving national interest and for the purpose of divesting into the cooperative model of business and empowerment of its people.

This is of particular necessity to the bad ideas currently employed by the Chastanet administration, setting up the nation for failure.

The so-called cliché’s, “building a new Saint Lucia” and “running the country like a business” is plagued with unprecedented lawlessness, and the ironic twist of fate made famous by President Richard Nixon “I am not a crook”.

And for that matter, what then should one await as more information comes to light, than more reason to depose this administration and co-conspirators under investigation?

In various writings, I have made the declaration that what is at stake is the practical management of the Saint Lucian economy:

• The implementation of a Centre for Policy Alternatives, and a Centre for Innovation to enhance the promotion of skills upgrade in science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM) research and development (R&D) and the need to build our infrastructure taking into consideration, strength and weakness of a small island state.

• Equally, combine the use of monetary policy, structural reform and fiscal stimulus, and to enable a better balance between price stability, growth and inflation in an enabling macroeconomic environment for strong investor confidence.

• Now more than ever, there is a greater need for renewable energy in contrast to tourism-led growth, taking into consideration a debt ceiling paramount to facilitate viable options and serve as a central construct to resource systems, develop policy and advance strategies to reform law and order.

• Besides, a full-fledged intelligence agency would presage a well-trained and well-coordinated national security apparatus, capable of protect and account for the socio-economic interest of Saint Lucians in the form of a national security council.

In so doing, the ill-defined cabinet and co-conspirators should be made to account for their stewardship of waste, fraud and abuse, reprehensible, deleterious and vicious agreements, dishonesty and cronyism, and cause to account for the re-imposition of a transactional neo-colonialist prime minister post-independence.

It is a fool’s garden, to attain some automatic response short of practical self-sabotage, to allow manipulation and the privatization of Saint Lucia.

The empirical assertion is to rise from ill-conceived agreements and the products of combative arrogance and freedom from the bondage of an ill-defined administration.

Melanius Alphonse is a management and development consultant, a long-standing senior correspondent and a contributing columnist to Caribbean News Now. His areas of focus include political, economic and global security developments, and on the latest news and opinion. His philanthropic interests include advocating for community development, social justice, economic freedom and equality. He contributes to special programming on Radio Free Iyanola, RFI 102.1FM and NewsNow Global analysis. He can be reached at [email protected]


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