COMMENTARY: On International Human Rights Day

COMMENTARY: On International Human Rights Day
Felicia Browne.
Human and Gender Justice Advocate – Felicia Browne

Every day we are confronted with some of the most inhumane acts of injustice and wonder what role human rights plays in our society.

We are taught that every human being including children has fundamental rights that are unique primarily due to the fact that they are part of the human species.

Our human race has been given rationality as a means to separate us from other empirical beings. The purpose of rational thought and understanding has afforded us external knowledge of our existence, as well as techniques to manipulate our natural ecologies.

However, our responsibilities to uphold sacred laws of human sanity and peace have continued to remain our great challenges.

Today, as we honour the human nature of each other, we should to reflect on our duty as brothers and sisters to encourage the good nature within us. We should also remember great leaders who have inspired our humanities — and the injustices that they too endured.

How often do we think of someone who become a world leader for human rights and the unjust acts that he/she suffered, yet in the end, we recognise what their efforts were and the differences that they made?

Our triumphs and histories are different but we are always able to connect with each other as human beings. We are human by our very nature to feel happiness, joy, disappointment, disgust, grief, love and peace. We are bonded by our human family and our destinies, though diverse, lead to a common cause, mainly peace, within our shared experiences.

May we continue to live as good men, women and children and practise our right to equal freedom, knowledge and tolerance.

International Human Rights Day is a day when we recognise that the human family exists in us all. Human rights are fundamental rights — a right to be honoured for one’s existence in this great universe with a present, past and future.

Happy International Human Rights Day.


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