COMMENTARY: Discrimination of blacks will likely tarry a few more centuries in America!

COMMENTARY: Discrimination of blacks will likely tarry a few more centuries in America!
Nimi Princewill
Nimi Princewill
Nimi Princewill

African-Americans have no home in America! In a predominantly white population, African-Americans can be regarded as licensed generational squatters, who continuously struggle to fit into a white foster family that has no respect or genuine love for them.

Following the forced migration of millions of Africans into slavery (majorly in South America and the Caribbean) between 1500 and 1860s as history suggests, a huge number of these slaves, escaped slaves, took enormous risks in pursuit of their quest for freedom. One of which, was their famous journey to the United States through the Underground Railroad which served as a safe route into a country they had hoped would provide them the privilege of feeling a little human again.

Well, their trip couldn’t be said to have been a wasted one, as they made quick buddies in such a short time at Kansas and a few other cities who allowed them settle and commence their rites of passage into a new life as legitimate human beings and not enslaved pseudo-animals.

As time went by, of course, more and more blacks trooped into the U.S desirous of the same goal. Their desire for freedom was partly achieved, but certainly not without limitations on how such freedom was to be enjoyed. The never-ending events of discrimination against blacks in the United States, ranging from their time of arrival, till recent times, are too well known to be recounted here.

In the eyes of a great portion of America’s Caucasian population, an African-American can be likened to a lost stranger in distress, whom by weird circumstances, happens to be accommodated by his or her sympathizers.

Regardless of the length of such generous accommodation, the host doesn’t by any chance consider the stranger as family just yet. Caucasians, perhaps, can’t stomach the excesses of a homeless stranger they took in, who suddenly becomes egocentric and tries wrestling for the TV remote.

As white Americans continue to see blacks as the unwanted guests they must have to shack up with to make the hypocritical slogan of “Equal Opportunity For All” more marketable, the negative stereotype that promotes the inferiority of “People of Color” persists in its spread across the world. Little wonder, black soccer players are constantly being humiliated across Europe.

Erasing the ill treatment of blacks, would require a lot more than just paying lip service to the chants for ‘equal opportunity’ which only seems practicable on paper. Else, we could be headed for a couple more centuries of both direct or faintly disguised racial prejudice of the black population.

Bio: Nimi Princewill is a Nigerian born writer and social reformer.

Twitter: @princewill_nimi
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