COMMENTARY: Darren Sammy couldn’t be more right about CWI President Dave Cameron!

COMMENTARY: Darren Sammy couldn’t be more right about CWI President Dave Cameron!
Darren Sammy (left) and CWI President 'Dave' Cameron.
Darren Sammy (left) and CWI President 'Dave' Cameron.
Darren Sammy (left) and CWI President ‘Dave’ Cameron.

In an article published in Barbados’ NATION Newspaper of Wednesday, 21st June 2017 under the headline “Sammy Slams CWI Over Decline”, former West Indies cricket captain Darren Sammy stated as follows:

“I am very scared for the future of West Indies cricket …………I am scared that we might be relegated to the league of the Irelands and Scotlands, playing against these guys which is very, very sad — if something doesn’t change. And at the moment, the guy (Cricket West Indies president, Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron) has just been re-elected for another term. I can’t see it happening for us. It’s very sad for us.”

I totally agree with Darren Sammy! West Indies cricket can go nowhere but DOWN under the immature, self-centered, and self-righteous leadership of current Cricket West Indies president Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron and the social class that he is a representative of!

This is a matter that I addressed in a newspaper article some two and a half years ago, at the time of the imbroglio involving Mr. Cameron and the Cricket Board of India. That article was entitled “Deconstructing the WICB’s Dave Cameron And The Class That He Represents”.

In light of Darren Sammy’s poignant and righteous heartfelt CRY, I think it would be useful to re-publish the said article. I now do so as follows:

“By a letter dated the 31st of October 2014, the “Board of Control For Cricket In India” (BCCI) wrote to the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) as follows:

“Dear Mr Cameron,

The WICB gave the BCCI a binding commitment that it will field its team in India for a total of 9 matches………..

On the eve of the first ODI in Kochi on 8th October 2014, you intimated to the BCCI that, on account of some disputes between you and your players, the WICB was considering pulling out of the tour………

Finally, after the fourth ODI at Dharamshala on 17th October 2014, you pulled out your team and communicated your decision to cancel the remainder of the Tour.

The adverse financial ramifications and the negative impact of your action to unilaterally cancel the remainder to the Tour was well within your understanding, yet you still went ahead and cancelled the Tour…………………

The consequences of cancellation….. is a monumental disaster for the BCCI…………… In plain economic terms, the BCCI can tentatively quantify its losses as ……… USD $41.97 Million.

The BCCI calls upon the WICB to formally inform the BCCI, in writing, of the steps it intends to take to compensate the BCCCI towards the losses quantified above as well as those losses yet to be quantified…………..

Pending resolutions of all disputes the BCCI suspends all bilateral cricketing relations with the WICB.

Yours faithfully

Hon. Secretary, BCCI”

The President of the WICB – Mr Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron – received this chilling letter against the background of an earlier warning delivered to the WICB by their accountants – KPMG – that the WICB was already in such severe debt that there was “substantial doubt that the company (the WICB) will be able to continue as a going concern”.

Mr. Cameron also received this letter in the full knowledge that he himself had contributed significantly to the escalation of the crisis that is now threatening to engulf and destroy West Indies cricket, by his prideful, obstinate and arrogant refusal to communicate any willingness on his part to compromise with the disaffected West Indian cricketers. (Yes, some blame can be attached to the players, but clearly the bulk of the blame has to be laid at the feet of Mr. Cameron and his fellow administrators, for, as leaders of the WICB, the proverbial buck stops with them.)

And so, what was Mr. Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron’s response to this situation of grave existential crisis facing the historic and crucial Caribbean institution that he has been entrusted with the sacred duty to lead, guide and protect?

Well, according to the Nation newspaper of Tuesday, 4th November 2014, one of Mr. Cameron’s responses was to avail himself of his internet Twitter account, and to tweet the following message to the world at large – and no doubt to the officials of the Indian Cricket Board:

“They’ve criticized you. They’ve doubted you. They’ve lied on you. They’ve done all they can do, but one thing they can’t do is stop you.”

Really, Mr. Cameron? Is that the appropriate response to the life and death situation facing the WICB and West Indies cricket? Even when faced with such a monumental threat to the institutions that have been entrusted to your care, you still can’t see beyond your own personal interests, your own pride, your own sense of grievance? Even now, as we totter on the precipice, is it still all about you?

As far as I am concerned, the honourable and responsible thing for Mr. Cameron to do – in his capacity as President and leader of the WICB – is to publicly accept a considerable measure of responsibility for the fiasco that has taken place, to publicly apologize to the BCCI, and to resign from office, thereby clearing the path for a new and reconstituted WICB leadership to engage with the BCCI in an effort to negotiate away the financial death sentence that is currently hanging over the head of West Indies cricket.

But, I can assure you that this will never happen! And the reason it will not happen is because the members of the Caribbean social class that Mr. Cameron belongs to simply do not behave in that manner!

The sad reality throughout our Caribbean is that a new bourgeois class has taken over the key leadership positions in government, in the professions, and in important areas of national and regional life such as cricket administration.

This is the class of crassly self-centered and opportunistic people who, in the 1980’s, we used to refer to as YUPPIES or BUPPIES. And it is such a self-absorbed class that its members find it extremely difficult to accept personal responsibility for anything, or to recognise that there are causes or institutions whose interests take precedence over their own personal individual interests.

These social elements have capitalised on the relative apathy and marginalisation of the working class, and have constituted themselves into an entrenched elite or in-group, equipped with their own narrow group interests, and with a narrow, self-serving value system.

Furthermore, many, if not most, members of this “class” have convinced themselves that they are entitled as of right to positions of privilege, wealth and comfort in our societies. This, in turn, is manifested in their unceasing jockeying for and pursuit of positions of status – privileged “jobs” – in national and regional political and Administrative structures, not least of which is the leadership and administrative structure of the WICB.

Many, if not most, of them are contemptuous of the working class base from which they have sprung. As a result, they possess no substantial roots in our region’s history of race and class struggle, and are therefore incapable of truly appreciating the value of the fruits of such struggles – whether such “fruits” are the sacred cultural institution of West Indies Cricket or the famous Barbadian system of free secondary and tertiary education!

The same social element that is incapable of perceiving that the interests of the people’s institution of West Indies Cricket dwarfs their own personal interests, is the same social element that – in national governments throughout our region – is incapable of recognising and defending the precious social-democratic gains that generations of Caribbean sufferers struggled so hard to achieve.

The masses of Caribbean people — the so-called ordinary citizens of the Caribbean — therefore cannot simply sit back and expect these supposed leaders to act responsibility and selflessly. They, at the very least, have to be pushed, and we have to be the ones pushing them – howling and screaming – in the direction of duty and responsibility!

Some form of determined mass activism has to emerge from the base of our Caribbean societies! If we want to preserve the WICB, West Indies Cricket, “free” education, public health care, welfare provisions, trade union power, worker rights, national sovereignty, and the list goes on – the people at the base of our societies and their institutions (trade unions, churches, sports clubs, community based organisations, cooperatives, credit unions etc. ) will have to bestir themselves and unite around a concrete people’s agenda.

West Indies cricket is as good a place as any to start! I therefore say – let there be such a loud and determined expression of outrage by the legions of ordinary cricket fans of the Caribbean, that Mr. Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron is forced – howling and screaming– to do the right thing!”

And so, we have a very serious structural class and socialisation problem that we have to deal with, and it will not be easy to do so. Indeed, it will call for a determined, long-term effort to bring about the transformation of culture and cultural values in our regional nation.

But let us at least — in the immediate short term — deal with the egregious problem of Mr. Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron!

As we continue to witness the tragic and humiliating constantly accelerating decline of West Indies cricket, it has become absolutely clear that the only “right thing” where Mr. Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron is concerned is that he MUST go!

Cameron must be removed from the leadership of West Indies cricket in order that committed servants of the game– cricketer patriots of the ilk of Darren Sammy for example and administrators who genuinely love and are committed to the game of cricket — may take up and play their rightful roles in helping to revive and rebuild West Indies cricket.

Citizen of the Caribbean, and
Lover of West Indies Cricket


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  1. Well I'm glad someone agreed with the comments of Darren Sammy & give Dave Cameron the blasting he deserves. Bringing down CWI more & more in the gutter, only a sef centered & too much pride.


  2. As far as i can see the president is a Barabas towards west Indies cricket he was sent to cripple the best team in the world, and has done so, if he can't see that he is wrong in all his decision making then i think that he is a mad mad man.I feel so sorry for w i cricket but i also believe that the stone the builder refused will become the head corner stone.


  3. The sad reality throughout our Caribbean is that a new bourgeois class has taken over the key leadership positions in government, in the professions, and in important areas of national and regional life such as cricket administration.........Damn right!!


  4. The actions being taken by CWI to develop the game and to secure it's financial future is exactly what is needed in WI cricket. Impostures, the likes of Mr. Sammy, who by his abilities should never have worn a maroon shirt, will never agree as they want it all for themselves . I think it is ironic that it is now classist when someone from the lower class assends to power. The pandering to the elite 15 who prefer to play their trade around the world is not sustainable. As such, History will show that like Barrack Obama, Dave Cameron will be the most transformational President we have seen in decades.


    • You must part of the social club that he is in, the man is a square peg in a round hole. WI Cricket is on a decline, we are now playing team like Hong Kong and soon Hawaii and the martial islands. 🙂 We need to make the change now rather than latter.


    • What a laugh ?. Surely you must be joking! Obviously this is some impish tactic to get a reaction from some readers ?. If you aren't, then I hope that whatever you've had to drink was home brewed and not available for public consumption. I don't think Saint Lucia or even the world is ready to deal with one more delusional individual of your ilk propagating such nonsense ???.

      Thanks for a good laugh though ???.


    • Obama and Cameron are not the same. Obama is revered the other is a fool. If Cameron was such a great leader the changes he made would have taken root by now since the man has been around for too long for nothing positive to have taken place. My gran used to say 'if one person bumps into you, it may be the other's fault but if everyone starts to bump into you, stop and look around you because you may be heading down the wrong road'. Cameron needs to self reflect but his pompous posterior is too posh to reflect!


  5. Yes mr Cameron must go, and all the selection panel must also going. The only way to make him go all loving West Indian cricket lover must boycott every match , and that should send a clear message that we don't want him and the rest of his administration. we are tired with all these failures.


  6. I second the motion; the current President of the WICB MUST go NOW! And bring back the cricket veterans to administer the game back to the level where we controlled the game of cricket worldwide.

    For we speak as messengers approved by God to be entrusted with the Good News. Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts.

    – 1 Thessalonians 2: 4


  7. Cameron has demonstrated a high degree of tenacity in the face of criticisms levelled at him. Such a posture is insured by the attitude of the new ruling class to which he belongs and which is largely contemptuous of those whom it considers to be lesser mortals. Therefore, the battle to dislodge Cameron must involve not only cricket fans and cricket administrators who operate on the periphery of Cameron's world, but every regional Head of Government as well. And this mission must be undertaken within a specific time frame, in order that West Indies cricket can begin to breathe again.


  8. He should go there should have a petition to get him out even the former players should sign the potion . This man is not a west indies supporter just to big up him self . He loves cricket but cricket lovers don't like him . He has to go I agreed with Andy Roberts comments past comments .i can't even watch them play no aggression in their cricket . He must be getting orders from the ICC big wigs to keep the team down how he feel that the team wasent in the ICC wasent the same I dident watch any cricket .


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