Commander of GNB reaffirms his loyalty to Bolivarian ideals

Commander of GNB reaffirms his loyalty to Bolivarian ideals

(RNV) – The new General Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, M / G Richard Lopez Vargas, reaffirmed on Tuesday his loyalty to Bolivarian values and ideals, as well as his commitment to work together with the people to consolidate peace, in the face of the violent actions promoted by imperial axes.

He thanked the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, for his confidence.

“May you, my Commander, count with my loyalty, my commitment, my service and my dedication to this position to contribute with the victories that you proposed we will achieve in this year 2018 and those that are to come, with special attention to the frontal fight against the economic war, to terrorism, to contraband, to hoarding, to the infamous vices that afflict our society such as corruption and the absence of ethical and moral values”, he said.

Lopez Vargas said he will set the example from his position, with the aim of consolidating the order and the legacy of the Eternal Commander, Hugo Chavez.

“This is our challenge and this is our commitment and by the leading hand of the Commander in Chief we will give our everything to materialize such longed for Chavista and Bolivarian dream”, he said.


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