Columbus employees “decertify” union

By Columbus

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Country Manager Jesse Edwards.

In an overwhelming demonstration of their confidence in the management of the company, employees at Columbus Communications St. Lucia Limited, operators of the brand Flow and Columbus Business Solutions (CBS), last week voted in favour of decertifying its union.

Jesse Edwards, country manager, indicated that “Unions can have a positive and substantial impact on the lives of their members, it is commendable however that our employees have placed their confidence in our organisation.”

Since the acquisition of Karib Cable, Columbus has worked hard to gain the trust of our employees and we have delivered on our promise to focus on their needs, as well as the needs of our customers.

Columbus acquired Karib Cable in March 2013, and the company is in the process of upgrading its infrastructure to convert its customers to the new digital video platform, while introducing the region’s leading high-speed broadband service.


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  1. WTF is wrong with yall Lucians. Its a new company making new promises to their staff. The whole union ro-ro started under Karib Cable when they were treating their staff like shit. So I say let the new company prove themselves to their staff. If things start to turn for the worst, there is nothing that says they can’t go to another union for re representation!

  2. no union? powerless!!!
    soon from now they will threatening to cut jobs.workers! are you dumb? they too may have promised better days.

  3. As my guyanese friend would say O skunt that was dum.

  4. I’ve worked for a cable company for almost 10 years, mostly without a union. All the union did was take our dues to fill their pockets. Some jobs are still unionized, they get paid less than the non union employees….

    • I believe one has to take this up there as social networking propaganda. That is so unusual as to be untruthful. Since both the workplace and the name of the author of the statement have been withheld, one has to be really dumb to believe any of this at face value.

  5. In my opinion workers that was a stupid move.
    Did you see proper advise before doing so. It don’t matter which union represented u if you were not satisfied then seek representation from an other. The boss will soon fire all of you cause they realize that they only have dumb employees and hire a new set of workers. wrong move. wrong move. hmm. Feel so sorry for all of you.

  6. Flow bought over carib cable in 2013.. just over a year and you’ll so satisfied already. WOW.. i never knew st lucians were that stupid.. we have so many cases these days regarding unions fighting for workers. GOSH. thatis like 15 steps backwards

  7. I am hoping you workers did this under duress from management,(might have a legal leg to stand on). What clear thinking worker would give up their right to union representation. In giving up those rights what did you guys get in return? Company stock am guessing. I will adopt a wait and see attitude, but this doesn’t look like it will benefit the workers.

  8. When last has any Union really represented any employee to its fullest in St Lucia ? I am only asking don’t chew my head off , be nice !

  9. Why is it a bad decision to be un- unionised the thing is employees need tobetrue to themselves and to take work sEriously some of us only want a job but stop working after we find the job.butas long as we are comitted and willing to give a fair days work for a fair days pay,and the employer r ealizes that.its biggest assets is it employees And treats them accordingly then you don’t need a union to tell you what to do.

  10. Did some of you commentators think before writing? Obviously when employee’s decertify their Union, there’s always something in place when it comes to pay increases, job conditions, etc, etc. Unions aren’t decertified without forward thinking by its member’s. And by the way, this isn’t the first time a Union has been decertified by its member’s.

  11. Apparently they will never need better working conditions or an increase or ant benefits..And maybe they have money for good lawyers when they are fired for shit but that’s none of my business tho…cuz m sure m unionized. No company gonna say m an asset and treat me like a liability.

  12. Lol.. Well I Never!!! They want to save the $20 union dues. That’s the only reason I can think of. Dumb Dumb Dumb

  13. Eh beh look it. First time I hear this one. In 2014???? Whole chew zot pas bon.

  14. Employees are best to deal with their own company! Why do you need outside people to do it?

  15. That is the stupidest thing the workers could have done! WTF? Flow workers are dumb as fu…! Who will represent your best interests? Who will negotiate conditions of work? Workers rights? I wonder what cock and bull story they were fed to do this? Well I never!

  16. Hmmm not a positive move at all! No union representation? Who is going to negotiate your terms of work? Who is going to represent you if and I dare say when something goes wrong? Who is going to have your back? You need to think this over people. Who said you can’t be represented by a union and also have a great working relationship with your employer?

  17. why is discertifying unions a big plus??? Hope the employees do not regret??

    • like hell if they dont,a business’s priority is to protect its interest no matter what.these employees are dumb to think its gonna be favorable to them in the long run now. they gonna be nice now but dont ever expect ya manager to have ya back when dollars and cents are at stake,good luck to them still

    • And they will. I think that they are “penny wise and pound foolish”.

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