Collective or mass wedding at St. Peter’s Parish Dennery

Collective or mass wedding at St. Peter’s Parish Dennery
St. Peter's Parish Dennery
St. Peter’s Parish Dennery

(PRESS RELEASE) – The St. Peter’s Parish, situated on the Eastern side of the beautiful island of St. Lucia in a fishing village called Dennery.

The Church proudly boasts its 110 years of existence, completed and blessed on May 25th 1908, the building measures 120*60ft , this beautiful church is dedicated to St. Peter, Patron Saint of fishermen.

The parish, On September 29th 2018 will hold its first ever Collective or Mass Wedding:

A collective wedding or mass wedding is a marriage ceremony in which several couples are married at the same time. Mass weddings are sometimes preferred for economic and social reasons, such as the reduction of costs, as well as the celebrations afterwards which can sometimes be shared between multiple families. Parish churches regularly offer collective Nuptial Masses for their low-income congregants.

On that day six couples will join together in Holy matrimony at 2:30Pm. The Main Celebrant is Msgr. Patrick Anthony.



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