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Collapsing derelict house poses a danger to residents in Choiseul

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Parts of a derelict wooden house collapsed early Monday morning in Choiseul, according to a resident.

The incident occurred minutes to 6 a.m., according to a resident who provided with us photos of the house, which is located near the police station in Choiseul.

Though no one was injured, someone almost became a victim.

“This morning a big part of the house fell in the road. It almost fell on a man that was going to put garbage by the road. When people hear the loud noise they went to see but no one got hurt.”

The resident further claimed that the presumed owner of the building had been told to break the structure down before it collapsed unexpectedly and hurt someone.

Many persons, including children, have to pass the derelict house to reach their homes, according to the resident.

The house has been abandoned for a long time now.

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  1. The ambience in the community must be stagnant and sapping of life force. These derelict structures are symbol of a dying community. It is not good for the psyche to be dwelling among decay. It can also be a magnet for rodents to came and nest adding to the cycle of decay.

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  3. Oñ the police officers it should fall, instead of gettinf the relevant aurhourities to break down the house yellow tape was placed aroundit. Shame

  4. mind your funky business

    Where the so called DCA or planning people , guess you'll offices are too comfortable.


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