Coincidence? Lionel, second eyewitness against gangster to be gunned down

Coincidence? Lionel, second eyewitness against gangster to be gunned down
Tennyson Lionel. * Photo from Facebook
Tennyson Lionel. * Photo from Facebook
Tennyson Lionel. * Photo from Facebook

Police sources have expressed concern that the island’s latest homicide victim, Tennyson “10 Cents” Lionel, is the second person, who has an ongoing case against a notorious criminal, to be murdered.

Lionel of Ciceron, Castries, was shot to death in Morne Du Don, Castries early this morning, hours after celebrating his 35th birthday.

A senior police official, who requested anonymity, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that Lionel was an eyewitness and victim in an ongoing robbery case.

Police said in a press release that Lionel was robbed on Jeremie Street, Castries on January 11, 2014. A man was charged with the incident and is now behind bars.

The senior cop said investigators believe his death may be linked to his robbery case.

“Yes, that is one of the leads we are exploring… It could be pure coincidence but we would not be surprised if it’s not,” the source said.

The first victim was fatally shot on April 24, 2014 at about 9:30 a.m. in Bois Patat, Morne Du Don – eight months after surviving a shooting in the same community.

Like Lionel,  the Bois Patat victim was an eyewitness in the first shooting he survived. The suspect in that shooting is the same man accused of robbing Lionel.

“Both Lionel and Simon had an ongoing case case against the man, who is still behind bars,” the source confirmed.

The senior officer said other possible motives are also being investigating.

“Lionel was also the victim of a chopping incident and he was also arrested for cannabis possession in the past so we are looking at all leads,” the source added.


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  1. There is no case with ten cents n simon coming up yet urll like to say what urll want ten cents wasnt going cort he never went cort so there is no reson for dem to call shots on him urll talking like simon tell urll he call shots or urll saw chopz


  2. went to school with ten cents and were in the same class from stage one to standard four.he was a cool and easy going guy from the time i knew him.dont know if his vibes had changed by now but i know him to be an irie person.r.i.p.


  3. U guys need to stop spreading romours urll dont no nun that happening ten cents was gaza man friend no one no if thats why the killed him urll just like to say what the hell urll want n spread romours urll lucians sickening my soul


  4. The police assuming is the guy behind bars digg dipper n urll will no dont just pin it on innocent people no body no why he died but the person who killed him


  5. That really touch you my girl! U and I both know it linked, doh try dat! As case coming up the eyewitness gone? for the second time? Let's see who is the third or rather forth? Don't forget the guy on the step coco!


  6. its seems to me St Lucia have alot of armed men and maybe women walking around. No country or island should dare try and mess with us. So many guns all over, they robbing you they pulling their guns, they threatening you they pulling their guns, they killing you they pulling their guns. All those gun totting men and women of St Lucia should put down your guns and take up your BIBLES. It is time to repent and be baptize. JESUS is coming soon. Satan knows his time is short and he is using all of you to do his dirty works. Turn away from your evil ways and turn to God. He will forgive you if you just ask HIM too. May God continue to watch over our island, and not let those who are bent on doing evil here succeed.


  7. Kiana you such an idiot's people like you that have these criminals doing what they do by supporting disgust shut the hell up!!


  8. Rip ten u gone but can neva beforgotten our god wil take revenge for u rest in perfect peace


  9. Wah boy . The stupidity. ..."what simon hv to do with Lionel?" They both had a case against the same man. My word. Deaths could b linked to the same person. Yes he's behind bars. N most likely callin the shots. Leaders never do their own dirty work. They hv their minions. Kayla girl wise up !


  10. I am confuse. I read he is from Ciceron but was shot at morne d don at 2.30a.m.I am missing something here? All those victims seems to have a rap sheet. Condolences to the family.


  11. There are way too many unsolved murders on this tiny island. If we do not have the necessary intelligence to solve crimes even when there are circumstantial evidence, may be it is time to seek help from foreign sources.


  12. These thugs are capable of calling shots while they'Re in jail. 2nd witness to be murdered. Thats no coincidence


  13. I couldnt agree with u more thinking outside the box. It doesnt matter if he is inside. Thats the whole point. To set u guys off. But I blive it is connected.


  14. The Police should keep his views to himself unless he has evidence to support his theory. What he is doing is to frighten people from giving evidence against criminals fearing that they may be killed if they are witnesses to crime. Investigate thoroughly and report officer. Please


  15. And by da way SNO fink u shud look at dat robbery case closely cuz Lionel clearly stated he didn't know "the man behind bars' so y da hell wud u guys fink dat way.


  16. So wtf d mun in jail how u can say is coincidence url backing up da wrong tree. Wat Simon hve to do wif Lionel smfh url need to stop speculating un catch da persons responsible and leave d mun outta url shate.


    • You're an idiot! Just because someone is behind bars that doesn't preclude them from writing or calling someone else to do their dirty deeds. Wake up!


  17. Is either that guy inside still calling shots and putting hits on the eyewitnesses or Karma is simply a bitch.


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