Coconut Replanting Program marks successes

Coconut Replanting Program marks successes

coconut-seedlingsGIS – Under the Coconut Replanting Program, the Department of Agriculture, through CARDI, purchased 5000 sprouted coconuts and seed nuts. These were purchased at $2 per nut for resale to farmers at a subsidized price of $1.

Deputy Director of Agricultural Services, Barry Innocent, said the first phase of the programme was executed successfully. The project met its target to locally collect and conduct early sprouting, and to redistribute local coconut planting material to 80 growers.

The agriculture ministry then decided to go through a second phase of the program as a pre-emptive measure to stem a regional contagion.

Pending the threat of lethal yellowing, a disease that affects palms, and was identified in Antigua and Jamaica, phase two of the project ensued where 5000 invitro coconut planting materials were purchased from Mexico.

Another 2050 extra plantlets were freely given due to expected losses usually accounted for in the acclimation process. About 18.5 percent of these plants died leaving behind over 5700 thriving plants.


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  1. And what prevents the new plants from getting attacked by the pests? Perhaps deal with the pest problem first then focus on regrowing?

    I dont know why I bother sometimes, everything is done in reverse in this country.


  2. Think we should highlight these stories (and the ICT course for the unemployed) alot more.

    More than some of the politically fueled stories.

    Stories like these are so relevant.


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