Coconut Bay to treat staff at Family Fun Day

Coconut Bay to treat staff at Family Fun Day

Over 720 family members and staff of Coconut Bay Beach Resort and SPA will come together in a grand Staff Family Fun Day at the resort this Friday, August 30th, 2013.

The activity is being staged with the aim of fostering collective social interaction among staff members and relatives and as a gesture to express the appreciation of hotel management to hard working staff.

The Staff Family Fun Day which was hosted for the first time last year is envisaged as an annual event. This activity forms part of a new incentives program developed by senior management of the hotel. In commenting on the upcoming activity, Human Resource Manager Diana Francis stated, “We continue to explore avenues to honour and acknowledge our dedicated staff who help to maintain the superlative service offered by our property. The hotel is committed to rewarding our staff and nurturing a relationship of mutual appreciation”.

Staff members and their relatives are excited about this activity which allows them to enjoy the product which they are closely associated with.

The Staff Family Fun Day will be conducted between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. During that period staff members and the relatives will enjoy full access to most of the amenities offered by the hotel.

Another component of the staff incentives program will be the hosting of the annual staff awards dinner in December of this year during which time outstanding departments and Individuals will be awarded for their dedication and excellent service.


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