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Coconut Bay Resort helps employees affected by trough

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Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa has come to the aid of three staff members who were significantly impacted by the Christmas Eve Trough, which brought widespread destruction to public and private property throughout the island.

The three employees were on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 handed with donation cheques to assist them in their ongoing recovery efforts.

These staff members work in the kitchen and housekeeping departments. They were identified as the most deserving out of the other staff who were affected by the weather system.

During the brief ceremony, General Manager Mark Hawken expressed the hotel’s concern for the welfare of its staff. This, he said, was what propelled management to do something to bring stability and normalcy to the lives of the three beneficiaries.

The assistance was determined through the hotel’s “Ray of Hope” program, which is generally geared at identifying and giving support to needy and potential cases. Hawken explained that the resources utilized to develop the donation package were sourced from the hotel’s sports & social club, hotel owners and the contributions of guest.

He also indicated that the hotel will consider providing material donations in response to specific needs on a case by case basis to supplement the limited assistance provided through the cheque donations.

The three staff members benefiting from disaster relief assistance were: Christine Prescott, Aaron Hutchinson and Giselle David from the communities of Vieux Fort and Choiseul. They are all long standing employees joining the Coconut Bay family in 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa began operations in March, 2005. The hotel is the largest employer in the south with a staff compliment of almost 400 persons. Coconut Bay has a proud legacy of sustaining livelihoods, building partnership and taking care of the south.

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  1. This hotel has a good corporate spirit. Largest employer in the south, they have also extended a helping hand to St Jude Hospital and created opportunities for interns from NSDC, support to schools in the south, etc. Some just collect profits and put nothing back. Coconut Bay appears to have a different outlook.

  2. They didn't have to go on air and announced their good's already a good thing y'all did help some persons but why try to let the world know what and who...y'all want exhibition or what?


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