Coconut Bay managers participate in major team building exercise

Coconut Bay managers participate in major team building exercise

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Coconut Bay General Manager, Zachary Frangos joined the property as leader eleven (11) months ago in April, 2017. Since his inception, Mr. Frangos has always had the desire to expose resort Managers in Team Building activities.

However, his initial preoccupation with orientation and responding to property challenges did not allow him to attend to the agenda of team building activities with the focus and intensity that would be desired.

The first major Team Building activity was staged on 21st, February, 2018 when Managers left the property for the Morne Coubaril Estate in Soufriere to participate in a half day Team Building exercise between 8:00 to 12:00 noon.

There were four (4) teams of Managers consisting of five (5) individuals each engaged in a series of Team Building activities comprising of various challenges. These included both mental and physical tasks such as bridge building, memory recall, etc.

Through participation in the various Team Building activities, Managers were able to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and to develop trust in each other. The winning team was rewarded with first place medals as well as day passes to a sister hotel as their first prize package.

Mr. Frangos, Hotel General Manager who was himself was a participant in the exercise expressed gratification in the outcome of this first major Team Building activity. According to him: “This activity brought out much character and passion among Managers, the benefits were obvious. Through continuation of these Team Building activities we will realize the growth a stronger management team, which is collectively focused on pursuing the vision and upholding the culture standards of Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa”.

Based on the debriefing conducted following the Team Building exercise, a number of benefits were identified by Managers, some of these which were listed included: development of trust in each other, ability to formulate strategies to cope with presented challenges, discovery of individual skills; and satisfaction gained from collective achievements.

General Manager, Mr. Frangos has indicated that these Team Building activities will be continued as part of a strategy to strengthen and consolidate team spirit among Managers.


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