Coconut Bay launches Turtle Scouts Group

Coconut Bay launches Turtle Scouts Group

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa is moving to consolidate its efforts towards enhancing the sustainability of sea turtles.

On Thursday, 5th, July, 2018 the Resort launched its Turtle Scouts Group during a short induction ceremony which was held during monthly Heads of Department Meeting.

The launch of Coconut Bay Turtle Scouts group follows over thirteen (13) years of work in support of the Department of Fisheries. This new entity marks a formalization of interested staff members who have benefited from formal training over the past three years.

The Coconut Bay Turtle Scouts group comprises twelve staff members drawn from six respective Departments, i.e. Security, Kids Klub, Entertainment. Grounds, Pools and Front Desk. During the induction ceremony each member of the Turtle Scouts Group were pinned with special badges and signed unto a pledge alongside the General Manager. The resort has over the years managed an active monitoring programme which both staff and visitors are sensitized about.

The responsibilities of the Turtle Scouts Group will include: monitoring, education and sensitization, documentation/recording of incidents and events related to sea turtles, safeguarding the well-being of sea turtles and managing the controlled release of hatchlings when such instances arise.

In his brief remarks during the induction ceremony for the Turtle Scouts Group, General Manager, Mr. Zachary Frangos expressed pride in the formalizing of the group.

He commented: “Our aim is to develop the capacity of our Turtle Scouts so that they can be effective stewards on behalf of Coconut Bay and the Department of Fisheries, continuing our longstanding efforts to protect these amazing creatures which have been with us for millions of years”.


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  1. Really?? The same resort that mashes up the beach with backoes day in, day out? The same resort that trucked how many loads of sand away from the top of Bwachadon a few days ago? Exactly how many turtle nests y'all destroyed in that exercise? Enquiring minds want to know! Walk the walk don't just talk the talk please.


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