Coconut Bay facilitates release of turtle hatchlings

Coconut Bay facilitates release of turtle hatchlings
A Cluster of Hatchlings near the end of the journey to the sea.

PRESS RELEASE – On Friday, 10th July, 2015 personnel of Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa with the support of the Eastern Caribbean Marine Managed Area Network (ECMMAN) Project through a local community partner facilitated the release of thirty two Hawksbilll Turtle hatchlings from the beach alongside the hotel’s property.

The release occurred just after 6:00 pm at a time when risks to the hatchlings would be minimized thus increasing their chances of survival. The hatchlings which were released had been rescued during the earlier hours of the day after they became disoriented after surfacing from their nest.

The release was used as an educational opportunity for hotel guests who were provided with information on the efforts of local authorities and Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa to protect and manage the turtle wildlife and habitat.

The release of the hatchlings was witnessed by an enthusiastic group of over One Hundred (100) Guests. On Saturday and Sunday smaller releases of three (3) and one (1) hatchling respectively were also staged as well.

The hotel has worked closely with local authorities in monitoring and documenting turtle nesting activity and providing protection for same over the years.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa is proud of its efforts in this regard and is committed to supporting the efforts of local authorities in the protection of our wildlife and natural resources which serve as assets and attractions for the tourism industry.

Some of the Released Hatchlings.

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  1. Press release just for at its best...ask the grounds men to manually remove the sargassum as opposed to using heavy equipment...put it in the sun to dry and encourage farmers to come collect it as fertilizer...then Coconut Bay can send a press release that indicates true love for the natural environment...think of long term not quick cash!


    • Thanks for your Comment Southern Citizen. We are sure you would be concerned about securing the presence of Coconut Bay in the south and the jobs they provide. Are you aware that the hotel is the largest employer in the south. Our inability to manage the influx of Sargassum seaweed could result in a closure of the hotel (as h as occurred elsewhere) resulting in job lost.

      In the case of the Sargassum Seaweed, what we seek to do is to strike a balance between the management of environmental concerns which we naturally share and preserving a product which we promote to our Guest. Coconut Bay is singularly disadvantaged with this Sargassum challenge due to its location along the Atlantic side of the island.

      It is certainly impractical to employ manual methods to manage the deluge of seaweed which lands on our beach every day. Similar methods to those utilized by Coconut Bay are used in other jurisdiction which are faced with the same challenge. Only last week the PS in the Ministry of Agriculture informed that his Ministry would be moving to assist Fishers in the Praslin area in extracting the suffocating seaweed, Do you think they will be employing manual methods? Certainly not. I have embedded some links below of what has occurred elsewhere right within our region. Enjoy the read. I am sure you will be shaken to reality after reading. Coconut Bay: "Sustaining Livelihoods, Building Partnerships, Taking Care of the South"

      Embedded Links re: Sargasso Impact:

      Antigua Observer Sargasso Impact. Hotel Reopens after Closure:

      Antigua Observer St James Club forced to Close due to Onslaught of Sargassum Seaweed:


  2. GREAT STUFF! Other hotels need to follow the example of Coconut Bay in the management of our wildlife


  3. Pure BS as Ladida said earlier. Coconut Bay continues to use heavy machinery on the beach upsetting the turtle's nesting grounds and destroying nests in the process. How can this be "excellent eco-tourism effort". They need to stop this practise.


    • Can you provide any alternative for managing he deluge of Seaweed. The hotel is doing great stuff as the biggest employer by far in the south (400 plus).


  4. Coconut Bay "providing protection for [turtles] over the years"? Hah! That's a good one! The hotel continues to destroy turtle nests by driving heavy equipment on the beach to clear the seaweed, day in and day out. Glad to see they realize the positive media impact to be had from APPEARING to care. Now live up to your own boast and start coming up with better ways to manage your beach and the wildlife that depends on it for its survival, Coconut Bay!


  5. Big Up to Vincent "Jeg" Clarke. I knew one day your hard work and late nights would pay off. It's always a good thing to encourage our local community partners in their Eco drive.


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