Coconut Bay deepens collaboration with local private sector

Coconut Bay deepens collaboration with local private sector
Display of ORS-Curls Unleashed products.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa continues its programme of collaboration with the local private sector with the recent hosting of a major National Hair Show in partnership with local distributor Atwell Dalgliesh Co. Ltd at the hotel.

The hair show entitled ‘ORS Curls Unleashed Meet Up’ was organized with the objective of educating hair stylists and consumers about natural hair care and the techniques of maintaining their own hair and that of their children at home.

The show, which took place on Sunday, July 28, 2013, was a national event and saw the attendance of about 200 hair stylists and consumers from across the island. The event featured lectures and demonstrations utilizing ORS-Curls Unleashed, a natural product manufactured by Namaste Laboratories of the United States.

The event was conducted by three resource persons from the US, namely: Vanessa Brown – regional sales representative (Texas), Christine Kendrick – education consultant (Baltimore) and Donita Nurse, education consultant (Chicago).

The Hair Show was very successful in fulfilling its objective and participants were able to gain in-depth knowledge in use of the product. The local hair stylists and consumers expressed their positive impressions with the effectiveness of the product and their confidence in maximizing the benefits of the product through its proper use.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa was excited and pleased in partnering with Atwell Dalgliesh Co Ltd who are the local distributors for ORS-Curls Unleashed. We are proud of our continuing and growing partnership with the St Lucian private sector and local community.


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