Coconut Bay condemns slaughter of sea turtle

Coconut Bay condemns slaughter of sea turtle


PRESS RELEASE – Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa condemns in the strongest manner the slaughter of sea turtle in the area of the hotel during the evening of Monday, 12th June to the early hours Tuesday, 13th, June, 2016.

The carcass of an adult hawksbill turtle was discovered at day break, void of most of its flesh and the eggs which it was about to hatch.

The police and officials of the Department of Fisheries and the St Lucia National Trust were summons and visited the site as part of investigations into this incident.

The hotel is deeply saddened at this development and calls upon perpetuators to desist from such acts of savagery which is detrimental to our image as a destination and the sustainability of the marine turtle fisheries.

The resort will be increasing its monitoring and surveillance with immediate effect in order to minimize the reoccurrence of similar incidence in the future.

Persons with any information related to this latest incident are encouraged to contact the police or officials of the Department of Fisheries or the St Lucia National Trust.


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  1. Those heartless idiots. How wicket can some people be. The authorities need to step up surveillance immediately.


    • I thought Turtle Meat was food and had to be slaughtered just likw a cow to get beef.


      • Matthew Alexander : Please do your homework on the importance of "protecting" these magnificent sea/land creatures. You seem to be of the ignorant ilk of our environment. Your computer/tablet has a search engine (google, bing, etc) ... please learn how to use it.


  2. Coconut Bay is being hypcritical to say the least. When they use heavy machinery to remove seaweed from the beach near their property and in so doing disturb turtle nests. Coconut bay, how many turtle nests does your heavy equipment destroy every year. Please tell the St Lucian public. SLNO please ask Coconut Bay that question.


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