Coconut Bay Beach Resort formally launches Hotel Executive Club

Hermisha Rolle, SNO Reporter

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Some of the Guest Listening attentively to GM Mark Hawken.

The Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa has formally launched its Hotel Executive Club (HEC), a grouping which primarily consists of local business executives.

According to a press release, the club was designed to nurture and develop a special relationship between the hotel and what it coined as ‘quality’ local clientele.

About 120 executives turned up to the three-hour launching ceremony which took place at the resort on July 11, 2013.

GM Mark Hawken Addressing Executives who attended the Ceremony.

The hotel’s general manager Mark Hawken in addressing the launch said it was the policy of the resort “to embrace and entertain local guest who would maintain the high standards and values of the hotel.”

He highlighted that hundreds of local clients are accommodated by the Coconut Bay Resort and Spa every year, and hence the HEC was being introduced to deepen and refine relationships with these clients.

According to the press release, members of the club will benefit from discounted family weekend stays, staff retreats and conferences as well as annual staff parties, among other treats.
Members come from a wide cross-section of sectors which include the bar association, senior public servants, the banking, manufacturing and medical sectors.

Guests were treated to cocktails and drinks and were entertained by a blues and jazz ensemble. A few special guests benefited from a lottery draw which allowed them win prizes such as body massages, jewellery and weekend passes at the hotel, the release said.

“Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa is excited about cultivating a healthy and productive relationship with its Executive Club members. The Hotel will continue to develop mutually beneficial relationships with local guest who form a key segment of its market,” the release added.

One of the Lucy Prize Winners

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  1. I go there almost every year. Love this place. You should go there now the food is much better, the staff is very friendly. I don't need management; the staff can do their Job. If I had the money I would go there twice a year. Good place for relaxing.
    I have gone to other all inclusive hotels on the Island I don't enjoy it as much. Strange you were treated that way. We usually stay at reception for pick up.

  2. Watch Dog. I wouldn't describe it as great. I've stayed there and found it to be just ok. Food, just ok. Rooms, ah, just ok. Room bathrooms, poor. Customer service, from several workers, poor. Nfrom some workers, great. From management, non existent. If you want to know what people really think about the resort, read some online reviews. Methought some are good, many are poor.

  3. Hi King Dave. I really wonder about your story. As a local I have stayed at that property before and found it very welcoming. The fact that you had a day past is testimony to this. Sometimes I think we are just to negative about our own products and services. Coconut Bay is really a great property.

  4. I waited @ the reception after spending the day at the resort. the security guard came and told what am i doing on property after my time was expired. I told him i was waiting for a pickup. He wanted to throw me off property and to change me for waiting at reception. They are not a local friendly resort.

  5. Hopefully it will improve its property and food to entice its guest.


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