Club Legacy is coming back!

Club Legacy is coming back!
Carlyle Prowell and his wife.
Carlyle Prowell and his wife.
Carlyle Prowell and his wife.

Club Legacy in Vieux-Fort is set to open in a few days – almost two months after the business was closed due mainly to financial constraints stemming from low turnouts for special events.

However, management, in an email to St. Lucia News Online (SNO) said the decision to reopen was “based on intervention of an investor and loyal following”. As a result, management said they have decided to “restructure, made some changes, and reopen”.

Management is looking at reopening between Dec. 9 and 12, 2015.

According to a Facebook post, management said the club will reopen with a restaurant, providing lunch, and a sports bar that will open daily. The bar will have happy hour and drinks “on special” every day.

In addition, the restructured club will boast an 8ball sports bar and karaoke lounge, with an option to sing karaoke at anytime.

The popular karaoke party will be held Wednesdays outside the club, followed by an after-party which will held inside the sports bar and night club.

Fridays will feature an after-work lime and fete in which all drinks will go at a special of “two for one”, from 4 p.m.

Club Legacy, one of the main sources of entertainment for people in the south of the island, held it’s last event on Oct. 14, 2015.

The club is owned by Carlyle Prowell and his wife.

In a previous story, Prowell told SNO that he opened Club Legacy in 2011 after working for close to a decade with Coconut Bay Resort as the entertainment manager. At the time, he said entertainment was lacking in the area.


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  1. congrats to the reopening of club legacy!!! y'all came back in great timing since we are in the holidays. i wish u nun but the best.


  2. U cudda simply tell ur staff & public ... U needed vacation & some renovation ...sighhh ...So much drama ... Sighhh


  3. Good luck and welcome back Club Legacy, st lucia needs more entrepenuers and small business owners to help drive the economy, whenever I am in the south I will pay you guys a visit.


  4. i thought people from the south were broke..... y did u decide to reopen or did u realise that drinks were waaaay cheaper elsewhere. Anyway look forward to a difference and don't be surprised


    • Backward thinking at it's best! What makes you think south people are broke??

      And then we wonder why politicians take us for granted!


    • As the article states, someone has invested in the business with him, that's No. 1; the financial aspect of the business will be less strenuous on Mr. Legacy. No. 2 Despite things being hard "everywhere" people will still need some sort of entertainment however, it is up to the entrepreneur to keep the crowd coming; thinking out the box, frequent reviewing of its activities and of course advertising. I applaud Mr. Legacy for his persistence as his efforts never ceased. Welcome Back!


    • Really? Why should u classify 'people in the south as broke?' Ur ignorance is bewildering
      Take a sit back and think before you post ur stupidity...


    • must be sum1 from 'up norf' to say such rubbish. listen, slu is too small for yall ppl to continuously support this 'higher than thou' division. at the end of the day, outsiders will still see u as st. lucian (or jamaican) so it makes no sense to encourage division.


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