Club Legacy closing operations

Club Legacy closing operations
Carlyle Prowell (right) with his wife

Club Legacy, one of the main sources of entertainment for people in the south of the island, will be closing its doors to the public after today, Wednesday (October 14).

Carlyle Prowell told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that his club will today be hosting its last karaoke, which will feature Mr. Legacy, Sir Lancelot and Twinzoftwinz. Starting time is 7 p.m.

Prowell said a bus will be made available to and from Legacy.  Persons, who wish to attend the event, could call for special pickup at 519-7334. The club will be opened all night.

Questioned as to what led to the closure, Prowell told SNO that there were a number of reasons that led to the decision, including poor business and low turnout at special events.


He claims that many people in the South don’t have jobs and money to patronise the business, while the flow of tourists and medical students have also been very poor.

“I have also been experiencing some issues with operating an entertainment unit,” he said.

According to Prowell, the police stopped issuing him permits to operate a loud speaker in Vieux Fort and he has had to travel to the Police Headquarters in Castries to get one, every time the need arises.

Prowell said, “As a young business man, I took a risk and invested thousands of dollars. But people can’t even afford $5 door entry for a product or well over $15 for the quality we bring to the South.”

The businessman said it has been “tough” to operate a business in that particular area, especially since “nothing is really happening in that part of the island” and he can no longer subsidise the cost for several items.

Prowell opened Club Legacy in 2011 after working for close to a decade with Coconut Bay Resort as the entertainment manager. At the time, entertainment was lacking in the area, according to him.

The club, which houses an entertainment bar and restaurant, is now being put up for sale.



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  1. So sad, this couple have been trying to keep this place alive for over a year, they seem can't any longer. I wish them all the best. It's really sad, yet still people talking about economy on the rise. It's a shame that the only club in the south had to suffer such fate. Oh lord pls put a hand.


  2. Just shows where Dr. Kenny Anthony needs to place his focus....Growth....the youth and their ideas keep dying. Why millions of dollars are being pumped into building malls and investing in Trinidad, why can't the cries of the youth be heard here. Dr. Anthony time to grow Vieux Fort, stop turning a blind eye to our youth.....


  3. I agree, the south has very little avenues for night time entertainment. I know the proprietor and he is a pleasant individual. On the feign, I think we need to have alternative forms of entertainment. Less people are going to the club these days. Maybe if he can transform his club into something unique, he may have a chance to salvage his business. I'm not going to give suggestions online as there are too many copycats in St lucia and no legal protection against copyright infringement. I have an idea which I think will revitalise entertainment in the south. if I had the money right now, I would definitely invest in his business. Right now, Im developing the plan until I can get investors.


  4. As a small business man myself, I understand the struggles one must go through to be able to sustain any type of business in the south, particularly in the entertaining business.....


  5. man its soo unfortunate to hear this. there's not that many options for us down south including for de overseas ppl who come for vacation and really can't be bothered to travel up north. i enjoyed my times there while it lasted. all the best to you bossman.


  6. caryle dont worry bossman u will be ok u were the best boss a person could ask for still one love boss.


  7. If Kabasi Beach Resort Hotel was allowed to be constructed and operated on the old Il Pirata site in Vieux Fort, it would have complimented that club and vice-versa. But after the promoters of said hotel had met all planning conditions and also full funding, they were told by Invest St. Lucia, that they, Invest St. Lucia, has alternate and better use for the land. This 96 room hotel would have served as a catalyst for the development of entrepreneurship in the South. Are the people of Vieux Fort getting what they deserve?


    • Don't we have enough foreign hotel developers coming down here, destroying our natural environment to put up hotels that close up after a few years of operation. Then the lay off hundreds our people without any severance pay or pension benefits? I think we need to encourage our local investors by giving them more chances and stop selling out to every chap with an accent. We will fix the economy when we start treating our local businessmen and women with more respect.


      • see the problem is we don`t support our locals and we love it when the foreigners come soon all the land the beach will become private and we can`t even take a suntan lol and in the mean time folks sit down mind people business and talk endless nonesense instead of investing in their own future their own livingly hood .... the island is almost sold to foreigners and where are the St Lucian investors most major hotels here who do you think own them ... am sure we know that long time .... sad


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