Clinton Reynolds loses SLTA job

Clinton Reynolds loses SLTA job
Clinton Reynolds.
Clinton Reynolds.

(SNO) — Veteran journalist and communications/media specialist Clinton Reynolds is job hunting again.

According to reliable sources,  Reynolds is no longer working at the St. Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) because his position was made “redundant”.

His last day of work as chief communications officer was on Monday, Feb. 11, 2019, reliable sources confirmed.

He joined the SLTA on April 23, 2018.

Efforts to reach Reynolds for a comment has been unsuccessful so far.

The former local media association president is the second high-profile person to have exited the SLTA in less than a year.

Agnes Francis, the SLTA’s executive chairperson, resigned from the organisation on July 31, 2018. She was appointed in 2016 following the General Elections. SEE THIS STORY

In May 2018, under the headline ‘SLTA welcomes two new dynamic leaders’, a Government Information Service (GIS) article on St. Lucia News Online announced the appointment of Reynolds and Christopher Gustave by the SLTA as “two experienced, dynamic leaders to its team in April as part of efforts to reposition the organisation to handle the demands of the vital tourism industry”

The report stated that Reynolds will lead the public relations and communication charge of the SLTA.

The report further stated that: “Mr. Reynolds is a veteran broadcast journalist and a well-known media personality who has plied his craft with local, regional and international broadcast media outfits for over 20 years, bringing innovation and strategic leadership to every position he has held. He graduated from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma, USA with an MBA in Finance and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication (Radio/TV). Mr. Reynolds is a former President of the Media Association of Saint Lucia, leading the organisation from its inception in February 2012 to November 2016. He also brings to the position of Chief Communications Officer a decade of experience in media and communication consultancy, where he has lent his expertise to a wide range of organisations and agencies.”

Reynolds was quoted as saying: “It is most humbling to be entrusted with such an exciting opportunity to work alongside the SLTA team as we reveal our island’s natural beauty to the rest of the world. I feel a great sense of purpose in making a worthwhile contribution to the development of our country in this most important sector.”

The report also stated that “Mr. Reynolds has been recognized as a strong leader and continues to volunteer in programmes that uplift marginalized groups. He joined the SLTA family on April 23.”

With the exit of Reynolds, who is the owner of consultancy firm Infinite Horizons Inc., the local SLTA team is left with two public relations officer.


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  1. I guess the he offended the UWP hierarchy, he is a experienced journalist so he should land on his feet. Maybe join Timothy Poleon when he starts up his radio station


    • Don't cry for Clinton. He is a UWP at heart so he will still be there defending de party. You notice that he quiet.


  2. The UWP crooks want no one to expose them. Clinton said they only travelling, they took offence so Guy ensure he is kicked out of the job. Only the 43% of jackasses Wil support UWP..
    What massive shame for St Lucians. One of the 43% will defend.


    • I dont know what happen, but his family in accounts department at St.Judes should be closely examine as well as the persons at the head, board, human services etc. How sad for the people of the south mi fare, yo car pwen.


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