Climax Trackers a success

Climax Trackers a success

PRESS RELEASE – Climax Trackers, an event held on Easter Monday, has been hailed as a success. Now organisers plan on making the event an annual affair!

Climax Herbal Energy drink is fast becoming one of the more popular drinks of its kind on island. This is in no small part due to a number of innovative events and promotions that the brand, through its distributor Windward & Leeward Brewery Limited (WLBL), has embarked upon. One such event was the Climax Trackers, a unique treasure hunt through the rainforest.

“The event which was held on Easter Monday hopefully will become an annual one and grow in due course,” organisers say.

Billed as a fun hike through the Barre De L’isle and Forrestierre forests trails, groups of six assembled at three points on the day for the event. These points were Forresriere with a six-mile walk to Barre D’lisle, Grande Ravine with a four-hour walk to Barre D’lisle  and a two-hour walk through the Barre D’lisle park itself.

According to Germaine Serieux, innovations manager at WLBL, besides being a fun event, it was one designed to promote healthy lifestyles.

“We saw this as a great opportunity not just to have an event with a difference on the Easter holiday, but we also saw this as a way to promote health and wellness as well as affording persons to learn a bit about nature and the forest itself,” Serieux says.

The various tracks allowed participants to search for clues pertaining to the forest as well as Climax. Officials from the forestry department were also very helpful in assisting WLBL with the event, which the company is very thankful for.

Most participants described the event as challenging yet fun.

“The event went really well in my opinion . People turned out and although it would have been nice to have more participants, the 12 or so groups we had, did enjoy the event. So this is omething we will keep as part of the brand’s schedule with the possibility of doing some other tracks for next event,” Serieux says.

The winners of the various trails were Barre D’lisle trail: first place – Team Cherubin, Camille Henry  in second. Team Power Walkers won the Grande Ravine trail with Team Walky Road second. The Forestiere trail was won by Team Spirit with Team Monier coming in second.

First-place winners will receive dinner at Sandals, three months gym pass from Fitness Freaks, Climax product and day passes to the forestry parks. The second place prize: lunch at Sandals, two months gym pass at Fitness Freaks, Climax product  and free day passes to the forestry parks. Third place: mobile accessories from the Cell, one-month pass at Fitness Freaks, products from Paradise Water, and a free day pass forest and parks.


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