Clergyman concerned about proliferation of “money making” churches in Saint Lucia

Clergyman concerned about proliferation of “money making” churches in Saint Lucia
Seth Ampadu
Seth Ampadu

(CMC) – A senior official of the Methodist Church here has expressed concern at what he termed “money making” churches that have appeared in Saint Lucia virtually overnight.

“I am very concerned. Nowadays we are making the church into a business entity,” said Seth Ampadu, the superintendent minister of the Methodist Church here.

He said many people were playing on the vulnerability of others by appointing themselves apostles, doctors and prophets.

“These people are scamming them, taking money from them,” Ampadu said, noting “there are so many churches springing up, all because they see the church as a place where they can make money”.

“They are using the church as a money making machine to make themselves rich,” the clergyman said, without going into details.

Ampadu said it was time that the authorities regulate those churches, otherwise the ‘so called pastors’ will use the people and take their money without paying taxes to the government.

“This is very serious,” he said, adding “you ask yourself ‘how much do they pay to the government? Do they have schools? Do they have hospitals and other things?

“Where do they keep their money? What do they use their money for?’ These are some of the things I feel the government should investigate.

“I think the church is there to meet the social and spiritual needs of the people. The church has to give, not take. But it seems today that they are doing the opposite – exploiting the people and it is very bad,” the Methodist Church official said.


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  1. When established churches sound an alarm bell - look out, something wrong. People, time
    to get serious with God. You are living on a rock in the ocean. This is not a time to get
    complacent, but get ready for God - now. Find a good church where the Bible is preached.
    The preaching has to be of the Son of God - no other. Some of you must reject the Lodges
    'Secret Societies' are not of the 'Almighty God' if they were they would not be secret. Now if
    they don't preach Jesus, then they worship a different god; so guess which one? your enemy.


  2. That's what happens when the big established churches fail to do their job.
    Big international established churches that were few when I grew up in St.Lucia
    are now worried about the hemorrhage in their congregation, come Sunday morning.
    I may be wrong, but I don't think it's all about money. I think most young people
    unlike their older parents are fed up with the repetitive rituals and sermons.
    They want the things that are 'led by the Holy Spirit of God Almighty' and not by man.


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