Cleaning of median barrier continues this weekend

Cleaning of median barrier continues this weekend

PRESS RELEASE – Traffic flow will be limited to the left hand lane of both carriageways on Nov. 8 – 9 in order to facilitate cleaning of the median barriers between the Choc and Vigie roundabouts.

The motoring public is advised that the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport will continue cleaning the median barrier of the four-lane carriageway between the Choc and Vigie Roundabouts, on Saturday, Nov. 8, and Sunday, Nov. 9.

A traffic management plan has been put in place and motorists are asked to exercise extreme caution in that vicinity by slowing down and paying close attention to all traffic signs in the area, advising to keep to the left lane only.

As such the right lane of the sections undergoing cleaning will be closed to traffic to facilitate crews to operate. This means in those sections, traffic will only be facilitated in the left hand lane of both carriageways, as both sides of the median barrier will be cleaned simultaneously.

The Ministry apologizes for any inconvenience caused to the motoring public, as it seeks to free the median barrier of grime and buildup of dirt, making it more visible and the roadway safer for driving.


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  1. It also could have been done between midnight and 6:00am when there is less traffic on the road; but I guess the authorities want the public to see that they are doing their job.


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