Claudius Preville considers running for UWP leadership

By SNO Staff

Dr.Claudius Preville.

Despite the current affairs within the United Workers Party (UWP), local economist Dr Claudius Preville has announced plans to run for leadership of the party.

Preville told the media that he is seriously considering this move, especially since he has been advised to do so by many party supporters.

Preville is of the view that there is a void that needs to be filled and he may be the one to do that. The economist has expressed confidence in uniting and strengthening the party.

He plans to contest the Babonneau seat for the party. Preville could be nominated, when the UWP hold its delegates conference on Sunday, September 21 . A vote on nominations will be made on November 2.

Preville is expected to challenge current leader of the UWP Allan Chastanet. Chastanet was elected to that post last year, replacing former Prime Minister Stephenson King.

Micoud North Member of Parliament Dr. Gale Rigobert was later placed as leader of the opposition, following that vote. Castries Central Member of Parliament Richard Frederick was recently voted out of the party and has since been distancing himself.

Frederick has however accused Chastenet of causing a division within the party and the party base.

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  3. For too long the heights of political life and high office have been made to seem the premise of a few of a certain discription and from a certain class, while all the time out own locally grown have been better options. Most young boys in st lucia don't believe they can ever be prime minister. i posed the question to a group of 32 of the brightest and the best 11 year olds in the late early 1990's and not a single one could see themselves in that role. They went on to top the Common Entrance yet they couldn't envisage themselves in high office. Why because noone fitting their discription had occupied that office. Talk about glass ceiling. Therefore I say again for the confidence of our boys, go on Claudius!

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  5. Why do so many have a problem with that. He is locally raised and educated, connected to his community, well schooled and feels the urge to serve his country in that capacity. I do not vote UWP but I like the Idea. Be brave Claudius, step out and give our boys some aspiration. Its about time every boy in St Lucia starts believing 'It can be me.'

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  7. Some of these guys look good on paper, have all the required qualifications but when they get in office it's serious blunders and repercussions for the country. Case and point the PRIME MINISTER.


    It's been the case for a long time now, I see no change, I see a lot of guys come in, fill their pockets.


    Out of all the politicians that have come into politics over the years. One politician stands out as a man that appears to show love of country, love of constituency and for the most part show some form of transparency for the political process it's PHILLIP J. PIERE !!

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  9. Claudius, this is your first entry into politics; stay away from Richard Frederick. You have already crushed any chances of you possibly winning a seat, and the party will NOT win with him in.

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  11. Sorry Claudius; if u have the best interest of the UWP u will not try to woo Frederick back into the party. He is waiting in the wings for a new leader because he knows that Chastenet will not tolerate indiscipline in the party. Stay far from him.

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  13. Is Mr. Preville for real?
    What is his Vision for the next generation?
    Leadership is not about replacing who is there. It is about commitment to a mission with a strategy and plan for accomplishment.

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    Let me say; publicly that I endorse Dr. Claudius Preville as my Political Leader of The Uwp. I think he is a breath of fresh air in the politics. I think personally, he has what it takes, to get St.Lucia and St.Lucians out of the mess we found ourselves in. He is qualified enough, with the necessary experience and expertise to move our country to the next level. He has integrity, honest, and a man of his word. Thats what we need people, more than ever. Claudius Preville my leader for the uwp

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  17. I really don't know why Richard don't stay out of the party business. They fire you already. Why you endorsing Dr. Preville. He will do fine without you and your corruption. Dr. Preville is a breath of fresh air and he deserves an opportunity just like any other citizen. He is well qualified to run the seat and challenge the leadership of the party. May the best man win... this is what democracy is all about. Change is coming!

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  19. Preville or not is green we going. LPM time!!!

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  21. Here we go again. UWP leaders and party hats. The ball is already in your'll court. Stop fighting for leadership and may your'll stand a chance of winning the next elections. I would love to give Chastnet a chance to run this country but if your'll house not in order, do your'll think your'll can run a country. TIDY UP!TIDY UP! o

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  23. U greedy Joe why don't u try only baboneau why u to want to make Richard confuse u and challenge chastnet because he eh like him

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  25. U can try preville but I think the power will go to your head

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  27. U can try preville u ok but chastmet is our man our leader in fact

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  29. I am not impressed by Preville. Have been privy to his work, and it leaves very much to be desired. Absolute power corrupts totally, all those politicians are hungry for power to feed their pockets. I am not impressed by any of them. I will surely not be voting for this party with Preville or Chastenet at the helm.

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  31. Oh great!!! Now I will vote 10 times if I am allowed...Be humble Claudius..we need your sure a better option to both Chastanet and Kenny

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  33. It's Preville's time. Saint Lucia has long awaited for a better option. My support is sure for this man.
    Best option by far. Go for it.

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  35. I hear Juke Bois going up too

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  37. I need the party 2 be more serious if not we will not win the next elections.

    • Mama, what's happening with the party is part of a strategy which the party is doing. It is called CLEANUP. It's a matter of time to see the big picture. Don't worry things are taking shape. it's a matter of time.

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  39. Between him and chastnet he is the best option. And he is a good looking man too better looking than Kenny. And he is my complexion so his chances at the poles are high. I don't want this country to be ruled by persons who remind me of our colonial past.

    • Some strong words, that's not nice you racist pig. As I always say.......there are two kinds of stupid people (1)those who are proud of being stupid and ignorant (2)those who are too stupid and ignorant to realized they're stupid and ignorant.

    • Seriously?? " he is a good looking man...than Kenny" and " he is my complexion". SMH. Your uneducated racist statement does not even warrant a response. I'm sorry.

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  41. All well and good cladius, but if you are going in there to bring Richard back into UWP, condsider yourself a loser and UWP at the next election. I hope you don't get persuaded by him and KING.

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  43. Chastanet, get out.
    Your days of talking rubbish babble is done.
    No one wants your useless self.

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  45. I hope is referring to King still being away from the party and not about Frederick. He is History and the party is moving forward. It is Mr. Preville's democratic right to contest, like Mr. Chastanet did. Whatever happens Mr. Preville is a welcome addition to the party.

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  47. Why not? it's your democratic right, furthermore you are more credible than Chastanet.

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  49. great move sir.. if so i will consider voting for the uwp... lol.. once they are united and are able to do a better job

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  51. I am not into this political thing or sides but lets see if this one going to make a difference. As a young person, all i am seeing is people going to politics, get richer or make more money n country suffers including the young generation. At the beginning they all mean well and say soooo much and when they in its a different story

    • Very true. The present crop of politicians have not convinced me as a young man that they're worthy of my vote. I have heard too many allegations of corruptions and I have heard too many things about them on all sides. Where there is smoke there is much fire.


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