Saint Lucia’s newest Goodwill Ambassador

Saint Lucia’s newest Goodwill Ambassador

By Anicia Antoine
— The Government of Saint Lucia has appointed international musician, Mrs. Claudia Edward-Ladner, as its newest Goodwill Ambassador.

The Goodwill Ambassadors program serves as a catalyst for socioeconomic transformation in sectors related to the creative arts. The programme consists of citizens of Saint Lucia who have achieved international acclaim and are able to leverage it for the benefit of the country.

Minister with responsibility for Culture and Creative Industries Sen. Hon. Fortuna Belrose noted that the appointment of Goodwill Ambassadors has already begun to bear fruit.

“We found some very good people in society to be a part of us. They have been working with us steadfastly. Quite a few of them have already delivered substantial projects,” she said.

“We have representatives like Jallim Eudovic who is working globally with world-renowned artists, and one of those artists will visit Saint Lucia to make a presentation to the Government of Saint Lucia. Mr. Ken Chitolie lives in Canada but is a philanthropist and provides quite a bit of support particularly with regard to medical supplies and also support for the disabled. And the musician Taj Weekes does great work in communities across Saint Lucia.”

Sen. Belrose explained that Claudia is being recognized not only for her international achievements but also for the work she has done through her charity-based organization “Edward4Education.”

Saint Lucia’s newest Goodwill Ambassador Claudia Edward-Ladner

“Claudia is a global singer, she performs around the world. But more importantly for us, when we look at the work she’s been doing in Saint Lucia with respect to our schools, it is something that deserves greater recognition. She’s been able to build a theatre—I’m not sure how many people have done that; she’s been able to work with the Corinth Secondary School to develop a sick lab for the students and of course in the case of the Ave Maria Schools she’s been able to develop a Learning Centre. That’s the kind of work you want to recognize, and that’s the kind of acknowledgement you want to give to persons who are giving back.”

As a newly appointed Goodwill Ambassador to Saint Lucia, Her Excellency Ambassador Edward-Ladner will continue to work on activities and projects that redound to the benefit the youth.

“This new appointment will open more doors to be able to continue the work of the Edward4Education Foundation, and for me personally, it will be a pleasure to work with the other Goodwill Ambassadors toward greater projects in the future.”

Currently, 12 Saint Lucians are appointed under the Goodwill Ambassadors Programme.


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