Claudia Edward is back!

Claudia Edward is back!


PRESS RELEASE – Fresh from her stint in Thailand, St. Lucia’s R&B/Alternative Rock Songstress Claudia Edward, acclaimed in year’s past as ‘The Diva’ is pleased to announce the release of her fourth studio album.

‘On The Edge’ lines up a series of producers such as Rawl ‘Rossi’ Alcide (St. Lucia), Christopher Neil (New Jersey) and Francis ‘Leebo’ De Lima (St. Lucia); whose talent and precision precedes them.

Claudia also credits a few unique and refreshing collaborations which include the likes of Trish, Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson and The Mecca, amongst others.

The imminent album release is set before the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2016 and although the event is still in the planning stages with the Claudia Edward camp, it is anticipated to be an exciting and classy affair!

Look out for Claudia on this jazz circuit, not only in St. Lucia but other upcoming Caribbean Festivals and Events as well with her band Naked Chords.

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  1. Claudia is a fakeass, mediocre and non talented person who just wont accept that she is not music material.. all of them from the same circle are the same just like the one called chrycee.. bullshit...


    • Claudia Edward's genres are R&B and Alternative Rock, though she has dabbled in others. Be sure to check out her YouTube Channel: Claudia Edward for her music videos. We do hope you enjoy.


    • Claudia's music can be found on Amazon, CD Baby and her website


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