Classes suspended due to inclement weather

Classes suspended due to inclement weather


PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Education wishes to inform that in view of the current inclement weather that classes in all schools will be suspended as of midday on Friday November 06, 2015.

Students on the afternoon shift of the Corinth Secondary School should not report to school today.

Further parents are are advised to arrange to pick up their children at the various schools and principals must ensure that conditions are safe enough before the students are released from the school.


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  1. That's what happens when we have incompetents holding key positions. I am not at all surprised! Will we ever learn in this country?
    @Disappointed Parent, well said!


  2. It was very disappointing to see how carelessly those in authority responded to the inclement weather. This is a weather system that started from yesterday, continued throughout the night and then again this morning until now. Yet, the Ministry of Education only saw it was unsafe for children to be at the school at about midday. Really???? Principals and teachers now have to be the miracle workers to ensure that all children are safe when this whole catastrophe could have been avoided. This was really not a proactive decision taken by the Chief Education officer or whoever was in charge of making such decision. Right now there are children all over St. Lucia stranded and parents are not even able to get in touch with the children. Couldn't the decision be made that there should not be any school today? As a parent, I listened for any feedback this morning from the ministry or even NEMO to decide whether or not the conditions would have improved before I sent my child. So since nothing was said I assumed is because the Ministry of Education knew that the conditions would be better. So I sent my child to school. Personally, I believe that an apology should be given to the public about a poor decision made that placed too many children at risk. Teachers and principals are also humans and they too would be worried about their own family who are also caught up in the flood.


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