Civil Service Association celebrates 65 years

Civil Service Association celebrates 65 years


GIS – The Civil Service Association (CSA), on May 16, celebrated a milestone—its 65th anniversary.

President of the CSA, Yvonne Edwin, addressed the occasion by reflecting on the organization’s aims and ambitions.

“The CSA was formed in the late 1940s by a group of public officers who saw the need for an organized and structured approach to effectively address the problems confronting public officers. This formal grouping took the necessary steps which led to the registration of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association as a trade union on May 16, 1951. Sixty-five years later our organization stands strong, resolute, and steadfast.”

Ms Edwin sees a positive future ahead for the organization.

“Brothers and sisters, the turbulent waters have receded and it is time to raise anchor and set sail to new horizons. In the true spirit of our motto ‘Optimum Dere, Optimum Expecti’ (Do the Best and Expect the Best) I bid a happy 65th anniversary to the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association. It is a milestone and a journey worth celebrating.”

Ms Edwin was elected President of the CSA on April 27, 2016.


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