City of Castries to introduce parking meters

City of Castries to introduce parking meters
Example of a parking meter used in many major cities around the world.

The Castries City Council (CCC) has several plans which will be rolled out this year, and topping that list of new initiatives is setting up parking metres across the capital.

City Mayor Peterson Francis told a recent cocktail party to observe the CCC’s 50th anniversary, that this new initiative could be implemented in a few months time.

“We will introduce clamping for illegal parking, (those clamps are already in my office), car-parks along the John Compton Highway and parking meters in the city within three months,” he revealed.

Francis said attention to safety and security is not the only top priority of the CCC, as emphasis will be also placed on beautifying the city. The goal is to make Castries the envy of other regional capitals.

“We will see the transformation of the Bananes Bay area in collaboration with SLASPA and an enhancement to include benches and wifi at Constitution Park,” the mayor stated.

In addition, the market will be transformed, and the Serenity Park with occasionally be used for live entertainment. The sludge treatment facility at Union will also be relocated.

“The City will also be beautified and redeveloped in partnership with our government and a series of improvements to the city’s infrastructures will begin. We are awaiting the Castries re-development master plan from the Prime Minister’s office so we can proceed with much energy,” he explained.

Francis also revealed that the CCC is now in the process of strategizing a plan to assist families with a reduction in the cost of tombs and burials.

This announcement comes days after the mayor met with funeral home owners.

Further, the mayor said the CCC has moved to purchase a backhoe for EC$144,000.00. The CCC previously used a private contractor and paid $EC 225,000 for their services.

The building housing the City Police, CCC and the City Hall will also undergo some remodeling.

Francis said the city has made good strides in many areas over the past few months, and departments are continuing to manage their operations more efficiently than ever before.


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  1. Like many others before me, I believe this is a great initiative. How ever I also believe that the city is a big ghetto. As someone who live overseas, every Delete repeated word I return home on a vacation I am appalled at the state/condition of the buildings in and around the city. Starting first with the government buildings, every building in the city needs a face lift, whether it is painting which most of them need. I don't believe it is the responsibility of the CCC to do so but I do believe that as the council responsible for the municipality/city there should have ordinances which would penalized business owners whose businesses are in a dilapidated condition.
    Another area of grave concern, is the many bus depots which are around the city. My question is this;
    1: What areas in the city will these parking meters be placed?
    2: Is the Castries City Council create a centralized bus terminal so that we don't have all these bus stands taking vital parking in and around the city?
    3: What plans that are afoot to address all these parking violations which are occurring around the city each and every day?
    4: I believe that businesses in the municipality should be paying a yearly municipality tax, in that way the contributions will be for the cleaning, garbage collection and upkeep of the city.
    In conclusion, I believe that the finances collected from the parking meters, should be used to maintain the roads and beautify the city central. I have included two link to reference some of the suggestions I have made. They are Bermuda Municipalities Act 1923 and the Bermuda Municipalities Amendment Act 2013. Again I am in agreement with what the Council is trying to achieve and I want them to succeed.


  2. Is what type of parking meter the maintenance costs is huge we need more car park and affordable and pay for driving in some parts of the city we all dnt need all these vehicle polluting the city they should measure the pollution rate to c what is it I dose kill


  3. Step in the right direction. Hope for proper planning, implementation and effective use of monies collected.


  4. So what were the past mayors being paid for? So far am really impressed with this one, God bless st.Lucia


  5. I respect the mayor's hustle. The guy is trying and that's always a good thing. My only advice is that he keeps other departments informed of the changes. That way, those departments could make pertinent changes. Let me know when he cleans up the CDCs close to the market. Respect


  6. Be sure not only to implement the meters but also have a fully functional maintenance staff.Theres nothing more annoying than a malfunctioning parking meter.
    Being St.Lucia is within the tropics maybe parking meters who operate by usung solar cells would be more appropriate with less maintenance issuse.


  7. To put a parking meter on the spot do not change the amount of cars parking in the city. All what it do is to collect money for a cash strapped government.
    From this point of view is ok, and perhaps more car owner will use mini bus to go to town


  8. The important thing there is plans are afoot to get them done. It does not matter at all if they are being done by cats and birds.

    Great ideas. Wonderful thoughts. It was a long wait. We look forward to the transformation. Thanks.


  9. So many contributors to SNO comments have suggested parking meters. I think that this would be a great idea. We just need to ensure that it is done correctly through collaboration with the police, transportation department and legislators. Also there can be education of the public on how to utilise those meters and why it would be an important initiative (through social media forums).

    Perhaps, workers employed in the city (with proof of course), can get reduced rates.

    I see this being a good step in the right direction if it is implemented properly.


    • Why should workers in the city pay a reduce rate? Nowhere in the world is that being done, so on that point I do not agree with you.


  10. Wow now you talking it's the 21st century it's was high time your implemented that program. Castries is so congested with cars, i think this is going to be a great opportunity for the department of CCC
    Some of the monies can also go towards our roads they need repairs desperately, our schools needs air conditioning, our hospitals, and our airports need a major upgrade. These are good stepstuff in three right direction. We all need to think outside the box awesome idea ?Mr. Prime minister


  11. I hope the necessary stakeholders i.e. Traffic Department and the Chief Engineer and Chief Transport Officer are consulted. This also requires amendments to the Motor Vehicle Road and Traffic Regulations and Laws. I hope this is done before the meters are placed physically. Remember those speed guns long ago. No legislation was put in to support and charges were challenged in court and those guns were put aide and allowed to rust.


  12. Finallyyyyyyyy....some progress...took long enough...better late than never...with the number of cars that are out there man....get ppl paying...if they dont wanna pay then they can carpool...this can help the ridiculous traffic madness in this small place...great initiative!


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