Citizenship by Investment Unit announces first group of Licenced Authorised Agents

Citizenship by Investment Unit announces first group of Licenced Authorised Agents

passports_0PRESS RELEASE – The Citizenship by Investment Unit has announced its first group of Authorised Agents. Authorised Agents are the only ones allowed to submit applications on behalf of people seeking citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The Citizenship by Investment Act No. 4 of 2015 provides that Authorised Agents must pass all necessary due diligence assessments and pay the necessary licencing fees.

The following Authorised Agents were approved:

  • Century Capital Inc.
  • Citizenship Services (Saint Lucia) Inc.
  • McNamara Citizenship Services Inc.
  • Citizenship Investment Services Inc.
  • TM Antoine Partners Advisory Inc.

Please visit for more information on the Licenced Authorised Agents.


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  1. Red Unlimited is making a clean sweep in labour causing all genuine labour stalwarts to jump ship. On a serious note, isnt this a conflict of interest to have Johnny come lately Taddeass Antione who is an SLP senator to be in that group? SMH Elections soon come


  2. Since when did lawyers become masters of international relations and issues of diplomacy?

    When did lawyers become versed in the fields of investment? wouldn't the acumen necessary to ensure transparency and proper operations need a trained business eye?

    Lawyers can't even run their own firms without insurmountable debt and bobol but I digress.

    Please lawyers...since you are so versed in such fields please submit the equations necessary to calculate risk to this very board.

    I bet you they would not be able to tell us.

    Only in these small islands are lawyers regarded as jacks of all trades. That's exactly why our country is in the pits cause the majority of senators, ministers, and hacks associated with said party are lawyers.

    I guess this is another time they will piss in our eyes and call it rain


  3. I am ashamed for the labour hacks who have a bit of sense and now realise that KDA sees them as dumb and stupid and persons who would blindly follow him and believe the rubbish he peddles.. What an insult to yall!


  4. I see that this government is hell bent on making sure their "boys" are treated well before they are kicked out of office.


  5. One thing it seems that this CIP is allegedly being run by very close knit friends.
    This can be very dangerous.


  6. LOLZZZZ! McNamara Citizenship Services Inc. and TM Antoine Partners Advisory Inc.! Those companies formed overnight or what?!


  7. Lmao that is so funny! McNamara citizenship and Thaddeus antoine right. You people must be joking????? A senator has a company which is an agency for cip???? McNamara is an agency for cip? On what grounds?! Why are lawyers involved in everything in this country?????? This is a joke? Nice to see your usual party hacks benefiting profusely in the sale of our passports. Embarrassing!


  8. With all the ISIS we keep hearing about we still going down that foolish road. when will the opposition call a march for concerned citizens against this? or are they hoping to benefit too? we cannot control our own little yard, our police in a mess , we cannot even properly vet anyone yet we selling passports. was st lucia not surviving before the sale of passport? we cannot do this to line the pockets of a few. scrap that programme.


  9. ALL the lawyers associated with these companies should be named. THERE MUST BE TRANSPERANCY!

    Who are the lawyers associated with "Century Capital Inc", "Citizenship Services (Saint Lucia) Inc" and "Citizenship Investment Services Inc"???????????


      • ?????
        So Citizen Investment Services Inc is Peter Foster, who is also Speaker of the House.
        So if something relating to the CIP is being opposed, can't it be assumed that he might attempt to protect his interest?
        My goodness this can't be true.
        How can this even be right?
        Also close knit friends involved in different facets of CIP as they are responsible for different parts of the process could lead to willful blindness.
        Lord help us.


  10. Aren't most of them Authorized Agents ... SLP .... Lawyers/Hacks ?.. I mean where is the transparency ?


  11. More corruption now an investor will be forced to use one of the cip agents instead of his representative . Conflict of interest at its best. Agents representing whose interest and why can't the applicant make his own application through his lawyer. Only under SLP intellectual dishonesty ..... why this thing about authorized agents a secret? No information on how to apply in the public domain...this is just suspect one set of people to benefit while our land goes.


  12. MAKE SURE stern guidelines/procedures are in place for the proper vetting of those applying for citizenship(s).


  13. It's interesting to see how petty ppl can be. I checked out the cip website and they have changed the Saint Lucia so that the yellow is removed. how can this country ever progress?


  14. Those who already have are those who will continue to eat in this country. I hope the next government get rid of some of these alleged SLP party hacks posing as businessmen. Personally, I am tired of all these lawyers being at the forefront of things to do with money.


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