Citizenship By Investment to start in January

Citizenship By Investment to start in January
PM Dr. Kenny Anthony
PM Dr. Kenny Anthony
PM Dr. Kenny Anthony

PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony delivered a stirring opening address to the Global Citizens Forum in Monaco on Thursday, October 8, 2015.

During the course of his speech to the elite gathering, the Prime Minister announced that Saint Lucia will be accepting applications for citizenship by investment as of 1 January 2016.

Dr. Anthony described himself as a jealous guardian of Saint Lucian citizenship. However, he noted that the time had arrived to think beyond the traditional approaches to deal with the myriad problems facing small states, and that “offering citizenship through investment has now also become a viable alternative.”

The Prime Minister informed the gathering of citizenship lawyers, wealth managers, marketing agents, investors and VIP’s that Saint Lucia, by accepting new citizens, would not just be offering citizenship but would be offering an identity, a people and Saint Lucia’s place in the world.

He stressed that new citizens must enhance Saint Lucia’s global standing and ensure that the country’s proud heritage endures.

In his address, the Prime Minister outlined the principles and characteristics of the programme to be implemented by Saint Lucia. He observed that the legislation establishing the programme was supported without political rancour, with the blessing of both Government and the Opposition.

Earlier that night guests were soothed by the musical skills of Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson, who played various traditional Saint Lucian songs. The Prime Minister’s address was followed by a performance from Boo and Haitian superstar Wyclef Jean. Wyclef, best known for his band the Fugees – a recognition of their refugee heritage – is attending the Forum as a special guest. He performed with Boo at the invitation of the Prime Minister.

The event is also attended by a number of lawyers and professionals from Saint Lucia.

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  1. I guess I don't see what all the fuss is. The reality is that St. Lucia needs a large injection of cash. Even better, we need resorts to be finished, new ones built, a few golf courses and more higher end restaurants in the south. Do that, and you get tons of visitors with lots of money to spend. Do that and you see jobs for everyone. Do that and crime goes down. The only down side I see is that real estate prices probably go up.. but it's not like we have jobs today to go buy land and houses anyway. Just need to make sure you give this to people that are already successful and have a dream to make St. Lucia the best island it can be. If managed correctly, this could be a very good program.


  2. I made the following comment:

    First of all i would like people to observe the delusional characteristics of the PM. "He noted that the Programme will run with utmost transparency and with an independent Board supervising the Unit." Do you know that according to the CBI Act that the Minister has the right to review and change the decision of the same Board that the PM speaks of? In fact what that does is give the Minister more power to approve investors and hand them citizenship way beyond the power given to the Board. Is that independence and transparency? I am not even going to speak about the persons on the Board, however, i would like to know whether provisions were made for the opposition to allow persons to sit on this Board. If you are going to have an independent and transparent Board wouldn't it be fair that there should be representation from another side?

    Secondly the PM made the launching of St. Lucia's CBI to be more of a Caribbean CBI. Is St. Lucia too small or too low class to undertake such an initiative on its own? He brought Wyclef to entertain the audience, was Papa Vader too local or low class for this gig? By the way how much did we have to pay Wyclef? In light of harsh economic times befalling our country wouldn't it be better that this money be in the hands of a St. Lucian who would spend it here? Its like the PM is trying to fill a bucket of water but he then makes a small hole at the bottom.

    Is that a case of St. Lucians being given the middle finger again. I am thinking everyday is this Prime Minister really in our interest?

    Terry Finisterre replied:
    Terry Finisterre October 9, 2015 at 2:59 PM
    Quire aside from your misreading of the bill enacting CBI, GOSL did not pay for Wyclef to be part of the Global Citizens event, which Saint Lucia was invited to be part of, and at which Dr. Anthony took the opportunity to launch the CBI programme. Ronald "Boo" Hinkson and Werner "Semi" Francis were part of the Prime Minister's contingent in Monaco, both of them performed alongside Mr. Jean.

    I want Terry to tell me at what point did i misread the CBI Act as he says much about Wyclef. The focus of my argument was still the independence and transparency which the PM was talking about although who represented us is still relevant. Wouldn't Derek Walcott be a better Ambassador to St. Lucia (not knocking Boo)? What about people like Winston Parris and the likes to encourage investment in medical research. This CBI has an ulterior motive and it will be proven in time. Now as i was saying: Section 37 deals with the power for the Minister to review a previous decision made by the Board:

    37-(8) The Minister shall consider the application and as he or she
    considers appropriate approve or deny the application for citizenship
    by investment.

    Where did I misread it Terry? I also want to know where does the Board gets its independence from as three nominees are appointed by sitting Ministers and the other is a representative from AG Chambers. Who makes the appointment of the rep from the AG Office? Who again? Which two lawyers are Cabinet going to choose? Which two? Will it be Martinus Francois, Mary Francis or Alcide?

    5.—(1) The Board consists of no more than five members to be
    appointed by Cabinet.
    (2) The Board consists of -
    (a) a person nominated by the Minister with responsibility
    for the Citizenship by Investment Programme;
    (b) a person nominated by the Minister with responsibility
    for national security;
    (c) the Attorney General or his or her appointed
    (d) two Attorneys-at-law with at least 10 years standing.

    Who you think you fooling Terry, maybe the sheep.


    • Wam! Golden! In the Westminster System of government, it is well understood that the government of the day with the majority has to govern. But this will sound like a whole set of nonsense to a lot of people. But please bear with me.

      What we have is a parliamentary system. So, every time a committee or commission, so called, is formed, the government of the day, tends to have its thumb on the voting scale -- permanently. It is just like old lady Magdelene used to do with her scale ('balance") in the fish market, with the government's having the deciding vote, but with those purposely-designed odd-number groupings.

      If after all this built-in bias of, first the government of the day's selection of the majority of the committee or commission (A cat is really a big kitten!), and secondly, the PM of the day still has the final word or say? HOW ON GOD'S BLESSED EARTH IS THIS NOT A VERITABLE INVITATION FOR ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION? Compton thought he was immortal; likewise this man. Compton bequeathed us four gloriously wonderful goons. Remember? Granted even if all would be well while he be in office, does he expect to govern myopically like Compton, from the grave?

      Moreover, does this not run counter to all the attempts being made to polish the image of Saint Lucia with the EU that this is NOT a locale for money laundering? Who knows through which networks of international bank accounts are monies going to be laundered -- euphemistically, sourced? Who is paying what to whom and from where?

      We had Frenwell. Saint Lucians were liable and left holding the bag for $48 million with foreign exchange, loan facilitation repayment, plus interest payments. Saint Lucians gained little or nothing from that. Poof!!!

      We had $86 million dollars in lost lands in Black Bay Vieux Fort. Poof!!! and TPoof!!! Then Saint Lucians even now, may still have to find another $86 million to buy back our patrimony. That too may have too be paid in foreign currency perhaps with another foreign currency loan plus additional interest payments on this loan. We may well be winding up paying $172 million dollars plus interest, for what was ours and then it cost us nothing to hold it.

      Then we paid out $156 million to Grynbery on a very phony deal to sell our patrimony AGAIN, this time the seabed. That was under questionable legal and disputed constitutional authority. We got nothing! Again, there is a foreign exchange outflow plus interest payments on the fungible loan funds taken to repay this. all again for nothing. Poof!!! Poof!!! Poof!!! We are winding up with nothing but have an additional potential $500 million in penalties for settlement of claims by Gryb=nberg, plus legal fees to lawyers representing Saint Lucia's side of the case before the trade tribunal.

      Saint Lucians answer me this? Why must we and how long must we have to pay someone to bring us water in basket made of weaves?

      Why do we Saint Lucians have such a very high tolerance for such arrant nonsense and egregious bungling that holds our future and our children's future to ransom for years to come? And now there is even more? And now there is this?

      It is time for Saint Lucians to dump their politically incomprehensible errant behaviour for good. We are already absorbing spendthrift expenditures of $48 million plus $172 million, plus $ 150 million plus another $500 with additional interest, foreign exchange and loan interest charges to boot.

      We too have swallowed hook, line and sinker the myth of the rationale of the 15% public pay increase political march,. We swallowed also, the $100 million investment election gimmick. So, when this regime has been characterised as having tried to manipulate, continuously, a very low-information processing and extremely partisan following, with one HUGE lie after another, after another, and after another, is this not now a gargantuan TEST OF THE CREDULITY OF THE PUBLIC, that this may be nothing more than just, in effect, one other SLP elaborate cocomacaque, but this time, launched from overseas?


  3. Kenny is nothing but an old, tired, worn-out old redidig of an old van, running with an empty tank but on diesel fumes only.

    He is just a copy -cat, of Cubas's Fidel Castro, of venezuela's Maduro, and Zimbabwe's Mugabe all rolled into one. Time to go Kenny. We have seen enough. We cannot have any more of your shit here.

    Saint Lucia cannot afford to vote for any jackass SLP as they have no self-confidence that nobody than this fake is good enough to be head of their party. Let's get this monkey off our backs. Let's get this albatross from around our necks.

    Saint Lucia is being trafficked internationally, sold as an economic sex slave, raped and pimped. We have had up to the level of our eyeballs, enough and just too many SLP better days!


  4. To all those with problems with citizenship by investment: are our doors not already open to all types of sinister characters from other Caribbean islands? How do you compare an investor with say Dominic fedee? What did he bring with him to st lu is?


    • You have the Saint Lucian Plantation Slave Mentality. More slavery, more punishment, more brutality is better than freedom. Like those before us, you would choose French slave masters, hid them from British slave masters instead of freedom and independence from scoundrels and international vermin. Yes! That is why we elect jailbirds to parliament in this country. How far do you want to go?


  5. To the tune of the song the Mulberry Bush. !-2-3!

    The SLP pimps 'round the mulberry bush ... the mullbery bush ... the mulberry bush
    SLP pimps 'round the mulberry bush, starting early January morning!

    Most are dressed in expensive suits, expensive suits, expensive suits
    Some are in their red fancy clothes, and rah-rah come January morning.

    Poor Helen will be well daycalayed, well daycalayed, well daycalayed
    Poor Helen will be well daycalayed, very early January morning.

    If we ever find what's left of her, left of her, left of her
    If we ever find what's left of her, then we will be a longtime in mourning.


  6. Kenny has never talked about diversification of agriculture. Coffee, chocolate and so many products that can be grown here. Dominica's economy is now doing better than others as they export so many agricultural products. Kenny, you are a complete failure.


    • You cannot get anything other than the coal from a bag of coal but dust. That what I grew up on from since I was small.
      So, if the man knows absolutely nothing about economics that involves so many things like business, investment, entrepreneurship, economic development, diversification, agriculture, finance, financial development, banking, business contracts. and so on, and yet he has had so many years of NOT knowing, when will he ever get to know? Is it when all those who drink the cool-aid called "Better Days" come to their senses?
      The man does NOT even know, what he needs to know, that he DOES NOT KNOW! For far too long, has he been fooling people left, right and centre, that he is ANYTHING BUT an over-sized, over-hyped, and over-rated square peg in a very wrong hole! It is SLP curtains time. This circus SLP must come to a halt. The game is over. It is stumps, SLP do your damnest with your remaining "Better Days".


    • Yes I would like to see more being done in that area. We need persons with innovative thinking. Perhaps the powers that be should look at the likes of countries such as Singapore.
      At this stage we simply cannot afford to rely heavily on tourism. we need out of the box thinking. We need people with a fresh set of eyes to look at our current problems. We need change. We are like hamsters on a wheel going nowhere.


  7. St Lucia will never get the respect it deserves when we sell out our rights for a few dollars. What message is been sent out . you know just put a big for sale sign on St Lucia . we have now officially open our asses to get sodomised by the highest bidder .


  8. Kenny and SLP incorporated....selling out the country one passport at a time....get ready for these Russian gangsta to take over Rodney bay and start selling our little girls and pimping their mothers and making our little boys sell cocaine for them! Lucians are a bunch of fools....better days never included selling out our patrimony to the highest bidder....and the funny thing is that the labour party has become the biggest gang in St. Lucia, their members are everywhere, they have a colour that they would bleed and die for, their tentacles are in every organization, committee, council, block, rumshop, neighbourhood and ghetto....they even have gang signs, and dedicated meeting place on facebook...they even have knicknames....SLAPPERS! Organized crime, mafia, yakuza....Labour!


  9. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States, . Please check it out. I believe if citizen by investment can align us we as a small nation should benifit. My only concern is the treatment of foreign investors and all the red tape which comes with alot of charges.
    It about time we let investors invest to help our inconomy and stop all these illegal vendors on our roads and arcade. ..


  10. Citizenship for investment is good, the bad thing about it is our corrupt politicians and party hacks.


  11. Fair Helen is being pimped. Everybody knows that the pimps wear very expensive clothing and have elaborate networks of social leeches on to do this trade. And, they take most of the money from the proceeds of the exploitation. Here, are jobs, but for the boys and here comes more of the better days.


  12. Wow. This guy is the best. He is selling the soul of St. Lucia to all who can buy. What a complete mess. This /.... must go. We need to vote him out NOW


  13. Where is Allen Stanford? Lol! Serving a 110 year prison sentence for fraud! Stanford came with his illegal gains, fooling the little islands with his 20 20 cricket. So hungry were they grabbing on to anyone who dangled a few dollars in their faces. A citizen of Antigua which he bought with his scam money. Some cricketers made their millions through the misfortune of those he ripped off! Is this what we want for our country? Some people have a vested interest in this Citizen by Investment scheme because they see how they personally benefited from Stanford! It's all about the money. To hell with those who are victims of these rogue investors!


  14. Kenny in a master pimp! Pimping out St, Lucia like little Helen is a whore. I hope when she ravaged by the mobs, mafia, money launderers and drug lords looking for somewhere to hide their illegal loot, Kenny will be around to clean up the mess! Like poor Helen not blacklisted enough already. #votekennyout


  15. Terrible terrible idea. Lowering the value of saint lucian citizenship for the sake of a few extra dollars in the government accounts. What about all the rights of true born St. Lucians or even immigrants who have had to work hard to get here. The bigger more well developed countries would NEVER do something like this because they are already aware of the problems it brings. Most of the protected land of St Lucia like our beaches have already been sold to foreign parties and that money they generate is either going into the government pocket or to their parent companies OVERSEAS. Now anyone with enough money, illegally gained or otherwise can now just buy new citizenship and use it to spread their nefarious activities. We've already lost Visa exemption from Canada, soon we'll once again need it for the EU as people will be using it as a way to circumvent rules previously put in place to keep them out. At least offer residence of some sort for a start, not citizenship. The government seems determined to drain all worth and value from the country, and leave it a barren political and socioeconomic wasteland.


  16. Citizenship investment cant be phrosperous without our native St.lucians living oversees. We ought to say good things about our country to encourage foreigners investing in St.Lucia.But,something is not right in the way both parties are treating its own people when they are in governmental positions to run the country.Lots of businesses oversees are questioning me in that,same regard.What should i say,when i have been treated bad by a number of my own people in St.Lucia and am communicating with everyone directly from oversees as i speak right now! Our police officers on thee airport in VFort who frisked search me in Febuary 17th 2015 on my way to Australia.


  17. You people are ridiculous lol. If America or UK tell you'll they giving you'll green card and citizenship all you have to do is pay $20,000 the bulk of you'll will rush to find the money and be mad at anyone who say they cya do that. But an initiative to strengthen your own country through investment you'll vex as if is here alone that doing that, if you so patriotic then STOP looking for citizenship in the other people country too!!!! Dey Ban Veesierz


    • You are the most veesirex person because these countries are doing anything in their power to prevent people from the Caribbean from staying. Did you not hear of the jail the UK is going to build in Jamaica? I live in the Uk and not a day goes by when they talk negatively about immigration. I can't stand coconuts.


      • You Missed the point me dear. I said noting about illegal immigrants while you are right that they are trying to prevents illegal immigrants They are also try all they can to bring in investors with the promise of citizenship. Even the mighty US has a similar program, if I'm not mistaken you invest $500,000 or start a company employing a certain number of people and Boom you geting a green card. What say you Inyowan!!!!


        • Ignoramus, a green card is a residence document. It is not confer citizenship. Bette! Another of our country bookies strutting his stuff.


    • you is a fool to compare America and UK. Trouble is...we are not as powerful as them- politically and economically or even military.


  18. Kenny Anthony, the articulate jackass. This is what Jadia does. She show photos to portray Kenny as looking articulate. I have been convinced by this man Kenny, that you do not have to be smart to be articulate. He is the biggest smart-ass in St Lucia and every time Jadia portray him on SNO that is how I see him.


  19. Kenny talking shate in citizenship to any one who can hand over the bucks criminals gangsters mob....meanwhile Lucia burns 🙁


  20. I really want to know how these investors would feel safe with a country which has been side line by yahoo as one of the most dangerous places in the world or caribbean to travel to on holidays. Ripping u off is another bad outlook for us to deal with before investors embrace our environment business wise.Hope,no one attack this statement by saying that thee english language is inapropriately disturbing because,we are also overcharging people in this country.