Citizens call for less talk, more action on sex crimes

Citizens call for less talk, more action on sex crimes


Scores of citizens have expressed outrage at the increased number of sex crimes being reported, particularly the number of rapes that have occurred in recent times.

Many of these persons feel that every time crime spirals out of control, politicians and other public figures denounce these acts but nothing is done to address the core issue.

This was highlighted during News Maker Live on DBS Television on Wednesday evening.

Several callers to that programme could not help but emphasize that there is need for “less talk and more action,” stating that serious interventions must be taken to address this issue.

One caller said it has now become routine for persons to speak out about these heinous crimes only when there is an increase in cases, but nothing else is done to actively pursue these issues.

“I think our society has tolerated the sexual harassment of women for too long,” she said.

Another caller said she believes that government should invest more in the Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) providing the police with the necessary tools to fight these crimes.

The caller said, “We have to start somewhere to address these issues, so we can feel safe again in our homes.”

Citizens also drew attention to the Saint Lucia Forensic Laboratory which was shut down several months ago due to shortage of material to conduct forensic tests.

They argued that the closure will most likely reduce the chances of providing tangible evidence for these cases, something the police have also openly admitted.

The idea of creating a Sexual Offenders List also resurfaced during these discussions and there were suggestions that there should be a national conversation on this issue.

Persons also called for changes to be made to local laws, to allow this to take effect and to create stiffer penalties for perpetrators of these crimes.

A march is planned for November 25 starting at 2:00 p.m. to call on policy makers to provide the necessary training, equipment, personnel and facilities to achieve a reduction of sex crimes.

The march will coincide with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.


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  1. Keep marching people .... lets see how much results this will produce... am guessing if you`ve
    been doing the same thing over and over and have not received any esults keep doing it see how this will solve the situation.... Mean while in St Lucia young kids makings kids---- can`t afford to feed them, unemployment rate rises, families are broken, kids are uncontrolable, petty theft goes un reported, people lie, steal etc and whilst others who know the truth give a blind eye.... The hyprocracy continues another day.


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