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Citizen By Investment Programme board named

By Office of the Prime Minister

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PRESS RELEASE – The Office of the Prime Minister is pleased to announce the Members of the Board of the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The Members are appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers pursuant to Section 5 of the Citizenship by Investment Act, No. 14 of 2015.

The members are:

Dr. Ernest Hilaire – Chairman;

Mr. Dwight Lay – Attorney General’s Chambers;

Mr. Lucius Lake – Immigration Department, Royal Saint Lucia Police Force;

Mrs. Raquel Willie-Trotman – Attorney-at-Law, Private Practice; and

Mr. Deale Lee – Attorney-at-Law, Private Practice.

The Board has commenced work to operationalize the Citizenship by Investment Unit as required by the Act.

The programme is expected to be launched later this year.

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  1. A very illconceived plan that lucians gonna pay for when countries not requiring visa close their damn doors to lucians. its only a matter of time. the bo bol will continue. kick those jackassess out of office!

  2. This foriegn investers should be given passports not!, they want to invest ok, but under certain conditions, our people must be employed and paid well, and no outside influences and our people in top management positions, they should also only be allow to invest by signing contracts which can be renewed every 10 years and be taxed heavily,trust them not,they are two tongue ,two face people who terrorises and manipulate where ever they step foot on, St.Lucia be on your guard their forefathers did the same in Egypt, and today they are in Africa and in other nations creating havoc.

  3. Let the masses decide in a referendum .

  4. Here comes the Mexican/Columbian Inc. Now deal with it.

  5. Not a single independent economist. An indication of how lowly the PM treats economic logic and economists. This damn country is a lawyer's paradise. The same lawyers and legal minds who can't fix a justice system, so how do you expect them to fix an economy. Good luck with Kennynomics!!!

  6. This opens the country to terrorist and money launders who can use our passports to get into the EU countries! Shame on you Kenny!

  7. Reply to June harper
    Please shut up, in st Lucia you can get a birth certificate in fifteen minutes.

  8. Guess if politicians are not required to declare their assets when they come into office , the same applies to this board as well.

    When are we going to learn ?

  9. Hackasses alone to promote labor's agenda. Dominate the Lucians.

  10. All members there are labour hacks
    What happen to other impartial independent persons

  11. Legally heavy and no representative from industry/business/ finance and the social and environmental sectors?
    Would be interesting to see the TOR and/ or concept note!

  12. yes they can sell off their passports, yet persons born on the island cannot get a birth certificate in order to get a passport.

    Good luck!

  13. I want to be on the Bor Bor List! Add me too. A bunch of corrupt clowns if you ask me, and I know three of them.

  14. A very ill conceived idea. You don't need to sell off your passports like this.


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