CIP without land policy is unacceptable, says LPM leader

CIP without land policy is unacceptable, says LPM leader


The Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) says its level of frustration with the manner in which the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) was constructed and managed continues.

Political Leader of the LPM Therold Prudent said his party feels no better today, than when the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) was in power.

“The CIP without a land policy to protect the interest of the people of St. Lucia from very rich investors whose aim it is to scoop large portions of our patrimony is unacceptable,” Prudent told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) recently.

The political leader said too that a CIP without a waiting period, which would include a first step of offering permanent residence as opposed to outright citizenship, is “totally insane.”

“It does cheapen and undermine our sovereignty as a nation and the overall value of possessing St Lucian citizenship,” Prudent stated.

The LPM maintains that would be investors should be offered permanent residence, and given a waiting period of five years, during which time, the government should determine the value of their investments.

Prudent has also suggested that a general knowledge of St. Lucian history, traditions, and culture, serve as a prerequisite for citizenship after that five year period.

The LPM has also raised concerns about removing the formal granting of citizenship, explaining that all progressive nations around the world, demands that an oath of citizenship to be administrated by a senior official of their courts or immigration.

“Why is this importance not placed on formal granting of citizenship here in our country?” he questioned.

Prudent told SNO that the LPM will continue to urge government to provide full disclosure of how much the middle man and other foreign agencies abroad are being paid to wow investors to these shores.

“There must be transparency and the public must be fully apprised on all terms and conditions of the contract signed with recipients of CIP including other forms of investments.”

The LPM believes that making the CIP less expensive only serves to undermine “our respect for what it truly means to be a Saint Lucian national.”


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  1. We need a land policy without any consideration for any kind of CIP. But we have very nasty SOB politicians who sell the rest of us, up the stream as the retards customarily do in Africa.

    Now if the policy that was in place was not observed, not enforced, sidestepped. And if well-known political bandits profited from the sale of our patrimony, what do you think will happen now, that the values of adjacent lands are increased by real estate development such as DSH? Tell me.


  2. I must congratulate Mr Therold Prudent and team LPM for a great contribution on the CIP issue.Keep it up


  3. I must congratulate Mr Therold Prudent and team LPM for such a great contribution on the CIP situation .keep up the good work.


  4. Interesting Point!!! Auctioning our lands without a comprehensive, ratified (by the public) policy is a disgrace!!


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