CIE Ltd mourns employee stabbed to death on New Year’s Eve

CIE Ltd mourns employee stabbed to death on New Year’s Eve

2016-01-06 09_13_42-Farewell Percy..docx - Google DocsPRESS RELEASE – The death of an employee is a traumatic event that may greatly affect the workplace. Whether the death arose from prolonged illness or a sudden event, some employees will experience feelings of grief and loss.

   How the employees cope with the loss depends on many factors, from their personal beliefs to the presence of other stress in their lives. For some employees, thoughts of the deceased may make it hard to focus on work for a while. Others may find it difficult to get back on track, resulting in mistakes that can disrupt the company’s functioning.

This may very well be the effects on the staff after hearing the tragic end of the life to one of CIE Ltd longest serving employee – Joseph Herman aka Percy – he was stabbed on Jeremie Street on Old Year’s night and succumbed on New Year’s day. He was 45 years old.

  It’s hard to know someone without actually meeting him. However, a good story about an individual enables the listener to have insight into that person. After listening to Simon Straughn’s emotional phone call about his friend Percy, I felt like I knew Percy on a personal level.

  Percy, who hails from Soufriere has been part of the company from its inception says the emotional voice at the other end of the telephone. “Percy was a highly valuable and respected member of our team here and the effects of his passing are already being felt here by his fellow employees and management. He was a wonderful employee who understood the meaning of the word “team.” He was always more focused on the good of the company and the department than on his own benefit. He made many great contributions to the company and helped it move forward in numerous ways. His work here will not soon be forgotten.”  Simon recalls.

  The near tearful friend recalls the times with Percy when they used to go to parties, sharing whatever they had, working long hours with friends like Chicken, Yellow, and Horace, to mention a few, and were all humbled by his kindness and compassion to everyone around him. According to Simon, the company’s employees intend to fly black flags on their vehicles and equipment to show their respects. 

  Mr Gajadhar, on behalf of his company, extends sincere condolences to Percy’s friends and the family. Percy was a remarkable man and everyone at CIE Ltd is better for having known him. He will be greatly missed and everyone here is saddened by his death. Our thoughts and prayers are with Percy’s family and friends during this difficult time.

 Percy leaves behind two daughters, 11 and 22 years old, a 5 year old son, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, and his common law lady. 


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