Ciceron Secondary raises standards with first online examination

By Ciceron Secondary School

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On Wednesday December 3rd and Thursday December 4th 2014, the Ciceron Secondary School successful hosted their VERY FIRST online examination for the academic year 2014.

The examinations were taken by Form Three (3), Four (4) and Five (5) Physical Education and Sports students. The examination was taken via the schools Learning Management System (EDU2.0;

This system was introduced by a formidable team which included former principal of the Ciceron Secondary School Mr. Ron Isaac, Information Technology specialist Ms. Yasmine Tyson and Information Technology Specialist, current Chevening Scholarship holder and current Head of Department for Information Technology attached to the Ciceron Secondary School; Mrs. Gilda Marcion.

The examination consisted of sixty (60) multiple choice questions which followed the exact format for the CXC examinations Paper One. Students were given one hour to complete the examination and were invigilated by their Physical Education and Sports teacher, Mr. Tariq Edward.

Many of the students seemed really relaxed but when students were told that their results would be given immediately after finishing the exams, their faces told a million stories. Fear began to instill into the students and the anxiety began showing vividly. After instructions were given to the students and everyone was logged in, it was time to create history.

The first form four (4) student (Jamal Polius) finished in 13 minutes and 23 seconds and recorded a high score of 83%. The other two students finished in 15 minutes and they too also recorded passing grades of 78% and 75% respectively. The lowest score recorded a passing grade of 55% and after close analysis; the mean score for the form fours was 78%. The form fives as well recorded a successful online examination with a top score of 72% which was recorded by Veron Preville. The mean score for the form fives was 68% with the lowest score still being a passing grade of 57%.

The form three (3) students would complete the trio and despite being the most fearful set of students, they too were successful as the highest overall score would come from D’ Moy Cupid (80%). These students performed exceptionally well as their average score was 72% with the lowest score being 62%.

Overall, the students recorded a 100% pass rate and an experience that will remain with them for a life time.

Here are a few of reactions from the students towards their very first online end of term examination:

“It was great but at first I was nervous”
“It was ok but at first I was nervous but later I got the hang of it”
“It was a good experience for me”
“It was very interesting for me. We should keep doing this more often!”
“It was good and I found it a lot easier”
“It was good but I was not happy with my score”
“It was interesting but I found I could have done much better”
“It was exciting and I enjoyed it”
“I sweat on that e wah. That was good”

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  1. Maybe a little reseach of the definition of the term "online" and of the LMS and how it can be used to deliver exams would inform you (En Rouge) that the exam is only made available at a specific time. It would thus be very difficult near impossible for a student to take the exam at any other time on any other day. Further research would possibly raise questions of security issues, possible access to passwords by students or the accesibily of the storage location (a cloud or physical drive). I believe that those threats would have been considered and addressed by interested parties. This initiative by Ciceron Sec can only be commended and presents a world of possible employment opportunities for interested individuals.

  2. GREAT JOB CICSS! Onward and Upward.

  3. I think that some people should withhold their. Comments. They have nothing constructive to say. Someone has to be the first. Congrats to Ciceron for trying to merge education with the 21st century. It's about time.

  4. I think that some people should withhold their. Comments. They javw

  5. These exams can be done also from anywhere at anytime with controlled parameters. If you look at the Learning Management System being used you will understand a bit more about the initiative. Keep forging ahead Ciceron Secondary! Lead the way!

  6. Why do some of us continue to discourage and find fault in initiatives without presenting viable alternatives? I congratulate Ciceron Secondary on their efforts. En Rouge before commenting you should read the entire story. It is self explanatory. The exam was done online in the subject discipline Physical Education and Sport. Ciceron Secondary take a bow. Well done.

  7. Way to go RON! Countless hours doing Simulated exams sparked a brilliant idea. Forward into history

  8. This sounds more like a computerized exam and not befitting of the misleading title of online exams which usually suggests that you could do the exam away from the institutional setting. Well placed sources please correct me. Thanks. The rest of you please chen qwepsyon zot.

    • if you need to get more information come to the source the exam was done entirely online using the school portal and for your information it can only be done at the school. So if you need more information contact the source rather than just speculate with your en rouge

  9. Yet the ministry is worried about bandwidth issues to get that project going across the island. I applaud Ciceron to take the mantle start small and grow. Good work.


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