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Ciceron man threatens to cut neighbour’s head off


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A Ciceron man got himself in big trouble for threatening to decapitate his neighbor and bring her head to the police station.

John Joseph, who is charged with threatening language, was bonded by Magistrate Michelle Louis this morning to keep the peace for one year.

According to the prosecution, on July 29, 2012, Joseph threatened Agatha Samuels in Ciceron, Castries by telling her: “I will chop you, cut your neck, and take it to the police station.”

In court today, Joseph and Samuel were sent to mediation, and on their return the agreement was ratified.

Joseph’s one-year bond was set at $250. If he forfeits he will be sent to prison for seven days.

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  1. All Threats need to be taken very seriously especially 1 of that magnitude.


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