Ciceron man slapped with seven-year sentence for cannabis

Ciceron man slapped with seven-year sentence for cannabis

Heath Thomas of Ciceron was last week sentenced to a total of seven years on two drug-related charges.

One February 12, 2012, police executed a search warrant on Thomas’ home in Ciceron where they discovered 72.56 kilograms cannabis in polythene bags and placed under cement bags.

Thomas was informed of the officer’s suspicion and arrested on one charge of possession of a controlled drug and one charge of possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply another.  He alleged that the drug was given to him by a friend, whom he has never named to police.

Thomas pleaded guilty to the two charges when he was first arraigned last year.  A presentence report was ordered at the time and Thomas was held on remand at the Bordelais Correctional Facility pending sentencing.

The pre-sentence report indicated that Thomas was well liked in a part of his community, that he was not a trouble maker and was not known as a drug pusher.  Thomas was also the main bread winner in his family.  The Rastafarian however admitted to the recreational use of cannabis.

In sentencing Thomas, Justice Francis Cumberbatch indicated that while there were some mitigating factors highlighted by the presentence report such as Thomas’ standing in the community and his early guilty plea, the court could not overlook the aggravating factors such as the quantity of drugs recovered, the refusal by Thomas to name the friend involved and the increasing prevalence of these crimes in society.

Cumberbatch noted that Thomas seemed to be sorry for being caught, not sorry for what he had done.

The judge indicated that Thomas could have been handed a sentence totalling 21 years or a fine of up to $400,000 on the two charges.

Due to his early guilt discount and his favourable presentence report, Cumberbatch finally sentenced Thomas to two years in prison on the charge of possession and fives years for the charge of possession with intent to supply.

The two sentences will run concurrently which means that Thomas will be serve a total of five years.  He will be credited for time served on remand from February 2012.

Thomas has also been ordered to attend drug counselling sessions while at Bordelais.


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  1. seven years for some herbs?! and boost and shakes get of with little fines for illegal firearms and reprimand for illegal ammo!! this f**king place really unfair. our brand of justice sucks!!Free up d herbs!!


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