CIBC FirstCaribbean rewards visa credit card clients, encourages them to donate to worthy causes

CIBC FirstCaribbean rewards visa credit card clients, encourages them to donate to worthy causes

Clients of CIBC FirstCaribbean have much to smile about this holiday season as the bank  unveiled its ‘CIBC FirstCaribbean Rewards’, a programme that allows Visa Gold and Visa Classic credit card clients to earn loyalty points with every purchase they make.

Managing Director, Customer Relationship Management & Strategy, Trevor Torzsas, lauded the initiative as a significant benefit for the bank’s credit card clients.

“Our brand promise is to be there “For What Matters” and our Visa Gold and Visa Classic cardholders will experience the extent of this promise through this incentive.  From today all purchases made by existing cardholders will earn points, which can be redeemed for cash back to your credit card account, merchandise, or airline tickets and other travel rewards – more choices than any other card.”

Charities to benefit from rewards programme

All cardholders will earn one point for each US $1 spent, or the local equivalent, and can redeem their points with a vast number of online international retailers.

CIBC FirstCaribbean Visa Classic and Visa Gold cardholders are also able to donate their points to notable local charities or receive cash back toward their credit card balance.  Gold cardholders will soon also be able to redeem their points for travel on any airline with no blackout dates.

Country Manager, Mauricia Thomas-Francis, stated that CIBC FirstCaribbean was pleased to partner with its clients in this act of giving, adding that a growing number of charities have endorsed the programme.

“We already have a relationship with most of the charities affiliated with the programme and we are excited that our clients are now able to support these worthy causes.  Once the points have been donated, the affiliate charities will be able to redeem these points for cash, providing a universal way to invest in their respective causes.”


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