Chrycee to launch “Honest Musings” EP at Fire Grill!

Chrycee to launch “Honest Musings” EP at Fire Grill!

PRESS RELEASE – Music is in the air and as we near the Jazz season, Saint Lucian artiste Chrycee is giving the public the chance to have an exclusive listening of her “Honest Musings”.

The five song Extended Play (EP) album will feature bold new tracks from the artiste who brought us “Bad Girls Anthem” and “Heavenly”.

On Thursday April 23rd, the public is invited to come listen to the live performance at Fire Grill Bar Lounge from 7pm.

The free set will feature Chrycee and her band performing the full album which the artiste explains is one of her most revealing yet.

“These songs come from a very emotional place in me. Sometimes as songwriters we hold back and don’t want to share too much but this time I dared myself to go there,” she said. “I am exposed through the words in Honest Musings and I think that listeners will be able to identify and understand these emotive circumstances that we all go through at some points in our lives. These are my quiet thoughts, contemplations and deepest revelations.”

Chrycee added that the Jazz & Arts season was just the time to release the EP.

“At Jazz time I think there is certain appreciation that we all have for smooth R&B,” she noted. “There is a meeting of the minds of poets, artistes and lovers of creativity. I want to mesmerize people with words and sounds and take them on this journey with me.”

Thursday’s event is exclusively sponsored by JP Chenet which will be on special for that night only. Azuk Creative Services will put a special touch on the venue and Fire Grill, known for its great tasting offerings, will present a special menu at a special price just for the evening.

Meanwhile the audience will also have an opportunity to win a copy of the new EP, which will also be available for purchase.

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