Chrycee releases official music video for “Heavenly”

Chrycee releases official music video for “Heavenly”

PRESS RELEASE – Recording Artiste, songwriter and performer, Chrycee has officially launched a music video for her music release “Heavenly.”

Heavenly is a lover’s rock reggae which paints a vivid picture of fate conspiring, and the stars aligning to join two distant souls in a Heavenly Love! Heavenly was written by Chrycee and produced by Jamaican Courick Clarke of Heartcour Productions.

Chrycee’s Heavenly music video project was sponsored by Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, with several scenes shot on location in a luxurious private villa at Sugar Beach, in Soufriere, St Lucia. Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort is an ideal heavenly vacation get-away, nestled between St Lucia’s iconic pitons, surrounded by sheer natural beauty!

Heavenly music video was directed by St Lucia’s very own Davina Lee and features leading man, Sean Leon.

Chrycee’s chic and sophisticated ensemble in the Heavenly music video was provided by Access St Lucia, while Sean’s attire was sponsored by US POLO.

The Chrycee Musique Team and marketing liaison, RSVP Marketing, extend sincerest thanks to Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, Access St Lucia and US Polo for their sponsorship of this music video project.

Chrycee’s Heavenly Music video can be accessed at:



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  2. Hi Everyone

    I especially wanted to take the time out to thank you all for supporting my music video, for taking the time to comment, share, or watch the video!

    I appreciate the support so much.
    Special thanks to St Lucia News Online as well



  3. BA.. I take it you dont watch the "international" females music videos either. We have to remove reality from the arts.. its all a show. When chrycee goes about her everyday affairs, she isnt running around with red hair.. this is the entertainment industry. Like it or not. Gosh. Sometimes we say things to sound intelligent but we need to step back a bit and understand whats happening. No disrespect BA. Just saying that the two worlds dont always meet. Its just entertainment


    • Hey Cee
      Thank you!
      Chrycee Musique Team, RSVP Marketing and Davina Lee Films really did put a lot into this video venture and I'm really proud of the end product.

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for your support!



    • Hi there!
      I certainly blushed at your name "biggest fan"
      Thank you very much. I really do appreciate your support of my musical journey


    • Hi Reta
      Yes Davina Lee really did do an exceptional job with this video. I was honoured to work with her on this project.

      I'm really glad you like it!


  4. wow, finally a local artist who produces a music video of substance. Good lyrics, catchy tune, tastefully dressed with a well chosen locale. Well done young lady & co. You have set a bar for other local budding artists to rise to. Keep the music flowing.


    • Hi Lucian Daughter
      Thank you so much for your kind words and for your encouragement and motivation.
      I certainly appreciate it.



  5. Is it me, or does it look like the Red Hair makes her look Clownish.

    Wear your Natural Hair, Ladies.
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    • I am not a fan of the red hair, but I think everyone is entitled to their own identities. I think natural is beautiful, but you don't have to be so insultive based on your own preferences.


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    • Too much negative energy and we as a country won't go far with it. Some people have to learn to either be positive or just SHUT UP.


    • Hi AB,
      The Chrycee Musique Team certainly appreciates you taking the time out to share your honest opinion and your perspective of the video.



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