Christopher Melius no longer missing

Christopher Melius no longer missing

newsChristopher Emmanuel Melius of Church Street, Soufriere is home safe and sound.

Melius was found by a relative by the” Deville river” in Soufriere around 4:30 p.m. today, relatives said.

“He was just roaming,” a family member told St. Lucia News Online.

Melius, 20, went missing last Tuesday afternoon.

The family has expressed gratitude for everyone who assisted in the search for Melius.


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  1. When someone is lost and being found, we should all be PRAYING from day one lost until returned. We are not all heartless. So Thank You JESUS that he's safe and well.


  2. Wasn't there another missing man, that SNO reported on some time ago? Shardrach Martial- was he ever found?

    SNO, do you have any new information about the above mentioned individual?


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