Christmas greetings from Saint Lucia Labour Party

Christmas greetings from Saint Lucia Labour Party


PRESS RELEASE – Political Leader Dr Kenny D Anthony, the executive and Political leadership of The Saint Lucia Labour Party extend season’s greetings to members, supporters, well-wishers and all Saint Lucians where ever you may be.

The Party would like to reiterate its appreciation for your dedication, support and attendance at all its activities during the last four years especially the enormous success of its last convention and 65th anniversary on Sunday December 6th in the Southern Town of Vieux Fort.  May your Christmas be one of prayer, love, health, peace and happiness.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you the families and friends who lost loved ones on that fateful Christmas eve of December 24th 3013 in what has become known as the Christmas Eve trough and other natural disasters over the years.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is also appreciative of the patience, unity and maturity all Saint Lucians have shown during this time of economic challenge and looks forward to that continued spirit of shared responsibility, togetherness, perseverance, endurance and innovation as we seek to grow and manage our economy, thus re-committing ourselves to the goal of a better life for all Saint Lucians in the New Year and beyond.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party governing in the interest of all Saint Lucians-for it is perfectly true that government is best which governs best.  In everything we say and do, may we bring the spirit of Christmas into the lives of others.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party wishing all Saint Lucians where ever you may be a blessed Christmas Season and a Happy and  Productive New Year 2016.


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  1. Ernest HIllllllllllaire must be having a wonderful Christmas,....having been handed a seat and the keys to the kingdom.....while Robert Lewis and his gorgeous wife are cast aside,......and PJp is laid to rest in the tomb of men who will never ever be prime minister!


  2. I was shopping in the boardwalk mall today and I had never seen it so busy. It was good to see that Lucian's had money to spend at last. It is obvious that the economy is picking up and it is also obvious that the Labour Party under the leadership of Dr Kenny Anthony is doing a good job and deserves another term in office. Most impressed.

    Happy new year!!


    • Well what do we have here? Is this a testimony from someone whom the current economic policies work wonderfully in his favour? One of the privileged 2% perhaps, are you?


  3. The SLP are not concerned about the ordinary man and are destroying the middle class. They are a bunch of alleged high tech corrupt politicians. Never elect a lawyer to lead a country. Lawyers are the most allegedly corrupt of all professions. They are well know as liars, they take your money and in exchange you get false or no representation. BE CAREFUL OF LAWYERS ESPECIALLY ONE OF THEIR TEACHERS.


  4. The nerve of them. You mean, after all that cloak & dagger crap in aiding
    that multi billionaire get away with tens of millions of dollars, from paying his
    third wife her legal dues, you come here wishing us Merry Christmas. Well thanks
    for nothing guys. Enjoy the joyous moments with your Arab friend, who dare not
    celebrate the occasion in his own country. I wish you well this Christmas and you'll
    better enjoy it, for the smart money says, it will be your last in your present Uniform.


  5. Any well wishes from slp is a curse .. you all say better days and if that is what you all meant save the wishes and promises for slp x mas parties .what we want to see is our damn hospitals and long term development of people first !!! rather than turning us to second class citizens ... i think santa will have time deliver before that government


  6. Thanks to SLP for such enonomically bleek christmas....But am sure it has been christmas for SLP from the day the were elected...a 5 year christmas....but I must say they are quite thoughtful by sending out christmas greetings while not attending to the country...


    • Lord! Forgive them for they know not what they do. They are too dumb anyway to know the real difference. When you elect a clueless mix of real country bucks with complete morons, you get SLP's 'better days'.


  7. How can anyone celebrate any type of Christmas in Saint Lucia? The SLP, when I last checked, is still in power doing its usual shate. Wake me up when this nightmare is over. In the meantime, I am dreaming of a white Christmas.


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